November 2022:
Welfare Sub-Committee (Graham Goudie, John Crough, David Bevens, Lloyd Eldred)

With the reduction in the impact of COVID19 on our face to face programs, some sense of normality has returned to PNMSA activities at the Hangar, the Shed, the Help a Mate program, projects and social events. Significant results over the past 12 months include the following:-

  • A Welfare and Safety Sub Committee has continued its work as the key forum for developing policies and procedures to put to our Committee for consideration. 
  • COVID Guidelines and Operational Procedures have, where necessary, been maintained based on advice from the various authorities. This aspect of the group’s activities has now reverted to a watch and wait mode as Covid requirements are downscaled.
  • Welfare and Safety procedures and policies have now been adopted by Committee and have largely been implemented, thanks largely to the diligence of David and Lloyd. These procedures are constantly being reviewed and updated to provide an ongoing safe work place for members and covering off on all insurance requirements.
  • Guidelines for our ‘Shed Captain’ roles and processes have now been adopted by Committee. Among many other tasks, these roles include working closely with the Welfare and Safety Sub Committee to ensure the provision of safety equipment and safe work practices.
  • A Welfare Grant of $750 was held over from previous years and was finally put to use in June 2022 to run a First Aid Program for some 9 members. A roster has been established for these members, whose main task is to ensure that PNMSA first aid kits and defibrillators are kept fit for purpose.
  • Member Welfare continues to be a focus for the Sub Committee, with contact having been made with several members who have faced health or other challenges during 2022. It is anticipated that this aspect of the group’s activities will receive additional attention in 2023.
  • The Guest Speaker program has not been as active as hoped in 2022, with COVID significantly  impacting this activity for much of the year. There are plans to cover several topics across the 2023 program but any suggestions for additional subjects would be welcomed.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to assisting with these matters during 2022, and we look forward to that input continuing in 2023. In addition, any members who would be interested in joining the Welfare and Safety Sub-Committee in 2023  please contact one of our members.

Previous Reports

November 2020:  This is a reminder to members that in accordance with the current government requirements we are required to gather contact details of everyone who visits the premises for longer than 15 minutes. In order to streamline this process and reduce the risk of cross-contamination, we have implemented a QR code scanning system to help gather and manage everyone’s contact information. 

It’s a simple 4-step process and you can do it all on your phone. All you need to do is follow the instructions below.

  • Open camera on your smart phone.
  • Scan the QR code.
  • Tap on pop-up link.
  • Fill in required details.

There will be signage at all entry points with the scannable QR code, along with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the process and, as always, all staff will be more than happy to assist you if required.


June 2020: Recommending we all install, and keep active, the COVID SAFE app.

Returning to the Shed: A review of the easing of restrictions was done and recommendations made re an organised return to the Shed. Still concerns over managing the numbers at our regular meetings and the Friday social gatherings. Graham and John have extended their involvement to be “Hygiene Officers” – a “must-do” role for all Men’s Sheds. Recommendations have been discussed and a report submitted to the Leadership Group to read and approve. Once approved, this will be circulated to the members.

Actions already taken include:

    • AMSA posters have been placed where appropriate around the building.
    • Sanitisers purchased and available at the Hangar.
    • Meeting Registration Sheets available at the Hangar.

June 19th 2020: In reviewing the easing of restrictions, we are taking an organised and cautious return to the Shed. Our Welfare Officers have gone through a mountain of Government and Shire requirements and are looking to make some recommendations for returning.

Several of the small group activities/meetings have been happening, where member numbers participating has been within the guidelines. We are again looking for these groups to recognise responsibilities expected from any group.

Recommending we all install the COVID SAFE app.