Update May 2021

COVID Restrictions in place, all Victorian Men’s Sheds are closed until midnight June 3rd

Stringer Road Reserve Facility: Everyone has the opportunity to pitch in on developing the facilities at the new site. It’s already looking good but always plenty to help with. Updates to the interior at the facility are going well with all wall lining completed and shelving installed. It’s starting to look like a working Shed. 
We are currently looking at the provision of solar power at the site and reviewing security options.

DGR and Tax Office – Still battling to finalize the Charity/DGR registration with the ATO but they have handed over our GST refund!!

Grants and associated programs: National Shed Development Program: We have been awarded $750 towards first aid training. We had a further submission for equipment for the Shed but were not successful in that section.   
Nesting Boxes Bushfire Recovery Program: Our mission to build (David McCausland) and assemble (PNMSA) as many boxes to the Birdlife Australia specifications. PNMSA will deliver to West Kalimna for distribution to Bushfire impacted sites in Gippsland.

Rye Primary Bike Program: kicked off on Friday, May 7th at Rye Primary. Friday morning sessions at the Rye Primary school have been agreed upon with the teachers for probably 10 weeks.
Each day will feature 2 shifts between 9:50 and 11:30 – giving a 50-minute slot with the kids.
The aim is to create a fleet of bikes the kids can use, but owned by the school.