Update March 2021

Member Meetings, Catchups and Social Gatherings:

Exec Committee Meeting – Tuesday 30th March
Member Catchup – Thursdays – from 9:00 am at the Hangar.
Social Gathering – Fridays from 5:00 pm at the Hangar.

Membership Application Process: We have received a lot of membership enquiries and need to clarify the rules set down in our constitution for managing membership applications. In short, a membership application form must be completed and submitted to the secretary (address is on the form). You will need to complete all sections including the name of the person nominating you for membership (this is normally someone who has known you for 6 to 12 months and will support your application).

The form is presented at the next Executive Committee meeting for review and a decision on membership.
If successful, you will be contacted and advised accordingly. The treasurer will send you an invoice for the subscription.
If unsuccessful, you will be contacted and advised accordingly. Please note: the committee is not required to provide a reason for declining the application for membership.

Stringer Road Reserve Facility: The build has been completed, The fences have been removed. Retaining walls have been added. A general clean-up has been started.

Remember those shelves we removed from the CBA?  Well, they are being installed in the new building. Thanks, John Stevenson for holding the shelves for over a year.
Great to see a few members getting involved.Please Note: We have initiated a regular meeting at the Stringer Reserve, every Tuesday from 1:00 pm.
This will offer everyone the chance to pitch in on the setting up of the facilities at the new site.
It’s already looking good but always plenty to help with. 

Warren Dickins is currently looking at the provision of solar power at the site and reviewing security options with John Stevenson.


Men’s Shed Activity:

Help a Mate: your opportunity to get some help on those “difficult” projects. So if you have outstanding work you need some help with contact John and the team.

Projects: Time to get those ideas before the Projects Committee for the required assessment. 

Music Appreciation: “The band” is meeting alternate Wednesday afternoons at the Hangar.

Car Club: Looking forward to regular meetings in 2021.

500 Card Club: The Face to Face sessions are happening back at the Hangar. I believe, there were 3 tables in action last Tuesday. 

Rye Primary Bike Program: I have consulted with Lachie (school principal) and we have agreed to Fridays between recess and lunch. This seems to be the timing that best fits with the school timetable. I know this may not be ideal for some golfers but I hope we can find some members to give assistance. We are thinking of starting at the beginning of next term- start on Friday April 23rd and go through to Friday June 25th
This would give 10 sessions for the term which is what the school thinks is about right.

“Christmas in July”: A booking has been made at the Portsea Golf Club, for July 1st 2021
The buffet has been replaced by a set meal delivered to your table.
Keep the date free for a fun night out. More definite details to come.

Footy Tips : The season has commenced so make sure you get your tips in each week.
Invoices will go out soon for the committed players.
You can join in at any stage but will be given the system default scores for rounds missed.
Alan Seward has again offered to maintain the scoreboard at the Hangar to ensure we all know who is propping up the table.

Member Lunch Club: Looking at the 2nd Wednesday in the month.
1st lunch is planned for Wednesday 14th April, at the Hangar.

Healthy and Safety Procedures: We are in the throes of revamping our information and procedures at the Hangar and will also look at what is needed at the Stringer Reserve Shed. David is bringing a wealth of experience into this exercise and from what I have seen, we are going to be well covered. The new information will be far more complete but very practical to meet the type of organisation we are. Please support David if he needs some info or you have some comment you need to share about health and safety at the Shed.
Please note: a lot of the information and procedures are expected to be in place by our insurers.