Update April 2021

Member Meetings, Catchups and Social Gatherings:
Committee of Management Meeting – Tuesday in May/June.
Working Bees – Tuesdays from 1:00 pm at the Stringer Reserve Shed
Member Catchup – Thursdays – from 9:00 am at the Hangar.
Social Gathering – Fridays from 5:00 pm at the Hangar.

Member and Social Membership Application Process: A membership application form must be completed and submitted to the secretary (address is on the form).
You will need to complete all sections including the names of 2 referees supporting your application for membership.
A Working With Children Check, as a Volunteer, is now mandatory for any member. 

Meeting Schedule:

We have recommenced our plans to have guest speakers come into the Hangar on a regular basis.
Beyond Blue (May 13th), the Nepean Ward councilors (May 20th) and both sides of the Dromana Quarry debate (June 10th and June 17th) have been approached.
Other options can be raised with our Welfare officers who are also managing the schedule.
Stringer Road Reserve Facility:

We have initiated a regular meeting at the Stringer Reserve, every Tuesday from 1:00 pm. Everyone has the opportunity to pitch in on developing the facilities at the new site. It’s already looking good but always plenty to help with. 

Rye Primary Bike Program: Planning to start Friday, May 7th at Rye Primary.
Watch out for a special message to all those who have volunteered their time to support James. 
I believe Friday morning sessions at the Rye Primary school have been agreed upon with the teachers for probably 10 weeks.
Each day will feature 2 shifts between 9:50 and 11:30 – giving a 50-minute slot with the kids.
The aim is to create a fleet of bikes the kids can use, but owned by the school.
It may be a good idea for a meet and greet session beforehand for getting to know the rules and procedures for operating at the school.
Note: Additional volunteers always welcome.
Finance:  DGR and Tax Office – Still battling to finalize the DGR status and get the ATO to hand over the nice GST refund!!
Health and Safety Procedures: Great progress on revamping our information and procedures at the Hangar and what is needed at the Stringer Reserve Shed.

Stringer Road Reserve Concept Plan: Shire Objective: “This is the initial stage of consultation with user group representatives to present the concept plan. The draft plan to be presented is for discussion purposes only and will not be sent out prior. From this meeting, the feedback and input received will be used to update the draft plan, which will then be emailed to all key stakeholders for further comment.”

Waiting on the releases of the 1st draft. The Shire will be actively seeking comment, ideas, and designs from the community, groups, and individuals.