Minutes from the Committee of Management Meeting 4th August 2020

Minutes 4th August 2020
Attendees: John Stevenson;  Rob Koller; Terry Phippen;  Jeff Suggars; Marcus Fox; Brian Stacey; John Peters; Derek Ryan; Graham Goudie; John Crough; Richard Fyffe  
Apologies: None
Stringer Reserve (John Stevenson, Rob Koller):
Agreement reached with the Shire on the positioning/angling of the Shed.
A number of Shed suppliers contacted and quotes received. Discussions in progress on the finer details and possible member involvement.
The Shire has a preferred builder – John and Rob to meet him on-site.
Various aspects still under review – member involvement in construction, paving material, electricity connection, soil test requirements, connection to the water tank, etc.
John S. to provide a breakdown of costs for the group to review and raise queries before a follow-up Zoom meeting on Tuesday 18th August. (Scheduled) 
Shire still preparing the Lease, due end of August. 

Kitchen Update (Brian Stacey): 
Staged implementation of changes under review., utilising the Bendigo Bank grant for Stage 1. Details with the Projects Committee. Marcus to share the breakdown with this group.
Package to be shared with all members for comment. (Terry)
With concern over a long term lease for the Hangar, the suggestion raised that we defer work until a lease is offered and then approach the full development of the agreed kitchen plan.

Welfare Grant (Graham Goudie; John Crough):
With restrictions still in place, no return to normal operations under consideration.
Welfare support statement to be included in the next newsletter (Terry)
Suggestion that we contact our member list. Graham and John to draw up lists of members and committee members rostered to make social contact from one of the lists.
Some members have been approached re medical issues and have appreciated the contact.

A Zoom mtg (thru the Sorrento Rotary licence) will be arranged as a purely social connection exercise. proposing to make it Thursday 20th August 9:00 am? Terry to arrange with Derek.
Rules for managing a large group to be issued with the invite (Terry).

Russell Calley’s “Help a Mate” request considered too complex for our group – requires a professional build. John P to contact Russell
Little movement on any of the current/future projects – Community Garden seating completed.
BYS have asked about the Minnow – refurbishment needs to be finished off when access to the Hangar restored.
Portsea Golf Club keep providing opportunities for fundraising.

The Shire has asked the Shed to support a number of post-Covid initiatives/activities. More details to be supplied at a later date (Terry).

Any Other Business:
Leadership group positions:
AGM: Proposing Thursday, September 17th 9″00 am as the date for the AGM.
AGM will be through Zoom
This allows for nomination forms to be sent out with close off date of Aug 31st. (Terry).
Terry to send Invitation to the AGM, with a prepared voting form should we have multiple nominations for the officers’ positions and/or more than 3 confirmed nominations for the Ordinary member positions.

Current Nominations: 

  • President: John Stevenson nomination accepted
  • Secretary: Rob Koller nomination accepted
  • Treasurer: Richard Fyffe nomination accepted
  • Vice-President: Graham Goudie nomination accepted
  • Ordinary Members: The following people have expressed an interest: Marcus Fox, Peter Moore, John Crough, Warren Dickins, Derek Ryan, Michael Talbot
A resolution will be presented to the members at the AGM to have 3 nominated Ordinary members added to the Committee of Management.

Insurance Cover: John S. to discuss possible refund due to member numbers and the impact of the lockdown.
Possible switch to the AMSA cover rather than renewal thru the VMSA/Gallagher option.
Richard to research insurance option for the Van.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, August 18th 2020, 9:00 am 
Zoom Invitations have gone out.

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