Minutes: Committee of Management 1st September

Attendees: John Stevenson;  Rob Koller; Terry Phippen;  Jeff Suggars; Marcus Fox; Brian Stacey; John Peters; Derek Ryan; Graham Goudie; Richard Fyffe  
Apologies: John Crough
Stringer Reserve: Lease has been delivered, signed and returned to the Shire. 

Discussion with the Shire and Shed suppliers is still happening but progress impacted by the current lockdown. A final presentation can only be progressed when on-site contacts with builders and the Shire can be held. Various quotes are on the table but would be refined with the suppliers.
Many of the aspects of the structure discussed – solar, wall heights, roof structure, door style (roller or sliding), environmental impact, colour, power source, etc.
A separate meeting to be called when more information available.
We are looking at around $45k for the build.

Lindsay Oates from the VMSA has shown some interest in working with the PNMSA as a “hub” for distribution of donated tools, possibly based at the new Shed.

Kitchen Update: No progress with COVID-19 restriction in place.
Fundraising options being reviewed.

FY2020 accounts have been circulated and signed off. To be shared with members before the AGM.

Looking for ideas to raise funds for the Shed Build and Kitchen Update: John Stevenson to generate a letter offering some funding ideas with the members. Letter has gone out ahead of the next member catchup (Thursday 3rd Sept).  

Peter Moore has raised the idea of a fundraising ideas group. Richard Fyffe, John Stevenson and Rob Koller to sit on the initial group, with possible input from Rob Tucker.
Peter has already ordered 2 “promissory notes”!!

Received today – DGR Status for Men’s Sheds: has been passed by both Upper and lower House. Attaching the comment from the AMSA. This will require the Shed to register as a charity I believe??

Welfare: Member ring around of members was very well received. All appreciated the call and offered their continued support of the Men’s Shed. Most looking forward to the next Zoom mtg Thursday 3rd September from 9:00 am

Projects: Current projects list was distributed by Marcus prior to the meeting. No new items added.
Library Chair updated, now needs to be delivered.

AGM/Leadership group positions: Current Nominations: 

  • President: John Stevenson nomination accepted
  • Secretary: Rob Koller nomination accepted
  • Treasurer: Richard Fyffe nomination accepted
  • Vice-President: Graham Goudie nomination accepted
  • Ordinary Members: 7 people have been nominated – Marcus Fox, Peter Moore, John Crough, Warren Dickins, Derek Ryan, James Rennie, John Peters.
The nominations closed Aug 31st, 5 pm. Secret Ballot is in progress and showing great support for all 7 candidates!!  Return close date set as Sunday 13th September, at 5 pm.
New Items: 
Council Election Candidates Q&A: With severe restrictions on producing how to vote cards, formal gatherings, etc, Possibly invite each of the candidates for a Q&A (over a Zoom session) to present their manifesto (for those I have contact details for). Post-nomination closure – Sept 22nd
Look at no more than 15 mins per candidate.
(TP) Ask members for questions for each candidate to view prior to the meeting.
(TP/GG) Maybe access the Ratepayers Association questions they are preparing.

Grant Submissions:
Shade Cover Grant: 
Invited to apply by Chris Brayne. Have made a submission for gazebo and sun protection equipment. Reviewed on a first in, best-dressed approach. 
Bendigo Bank Community Investment Grants: Contacted the Bank re possible support for the Stringer Reserve project. They suggested submitting an application for funding – DONE.

State Government Shed Funding: 
Monitoring possible opening of the program, late 2020. Gathering supporting documentation should the program restart. We are on the notification list at the DHHS and with Chris Brayne.
AMSA National Shed Development Program: Monitoring possible opening of the program. Added to the mailing list at the AMSA.

No Opportunity:
RACV Foundation: 
approached them again for a similar support grant – for the car hoist. No funding- all directed to bushfire recovery and COVID-19 support. 
Bank of Melbourne Foundation: Susan Reynoldson suggested contacting these guys. No luck here – only supporting charities with on-going DGR status (situation changed for us with the latest AMSA notice that DGR status granted for Men’s Sheds). 
Volunteer Victoria 2020: This program had just opened but PNMSA specifically excluded as we received a grant in the 2019 round of offers. 
Lindsay Oates (VMSA): Lindsay supplied a few links for us to follow through. Most focussed on COVID-19, regional or bushfire recovery support. No “active” grant opportunity. 

Next Meeting: 
Tuesday, October 6th 2020, 9:00 am 

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