Exec Comm Meeting July 7th


Meeting Minutes of the  Committee of Management

7th July 2020

Attendees: John Stevenson;  Rob Koller; Terry Phippen;  Jeff Suggars; Marcus Fox; Brian Stacey; John Peters; Derek Ryan; Graham Goudie; John Crough; James Rennie; Richard Fyffe  
Apologies: None
Guests; LLoyd Eldred
Stringer Reserve (John Stevenson; Rob Koller):
John, Rob, James and Brian working through various design/construction options, including potential trade involvement. On-going review of options and costings. No major commitment has been made at this stage.
Further discussions held with Shire Officers on the design and positioning of the Shed. Discussions to continue with Blairgowrie Community Garden and other impacted parties.Note: No Federal or State Govt Funding currently available: position confirmed today.Kitchen Update (Brian Stacey): 
Several meetings have been held by the “Kitchen Cabinet” and a design has been formalised.
There was a desire to look at “mobile” components in any design. 
Staged implementation of changes under review.
Concern raised over the short term tenure still applying at the Hangar. The Shire will revisit the potential for a 10-year lease in 2021.Welfare Grant (Graham Goudie; John Crough):
A comprehensive report provided detailing how the team intend to use the funds, including supporting measures to required under COVID-19 restrictions. Adopted by the committee. Some recommendations already actioned – First Aid kit in the Van and BBQ and Santiser/disinfectant on-site.
Defib for the Mobile Workshop arrives today. Bunnings have donated disposable earplugs, safety vests. 
The grant has been received so expenses covered!!

Returning to the Shed:
Due to the spike in CoronaVirus cases in Victoria, it is recommended we don’t try a return to the Shed this month. Position to be reviewed at the next Leadership meeting.
Still concerns over managing the numbers at our regular meetings and the Friday social gatherings. 
Looking at the initial general meetings to be held at the Sorrento Community Centre, within the guidelines set by the SCC.

prior to a general return to the Hangar, a decision will be made as to when the Hangar should receive a “deep clean”. An immediate need will be to remove all unwanted items from the Hangar. Once cleared, all surfaces should be wiped down thoroughly and remaining tools/equipment sanitised. 

Rye Primary Bike Program (James Rennie) No change – still locked out by school restrictions. Hoping to restart middle of Term 3 and into Term 4. Looking to have a roster system to support James on this one. The current list of names to be used.
Help a Mate (John Peters): more requests have been submitted. The program is becoming popular.
Portsea Golf Club (Rob Koller): work requests keep coming. The latest cleaning of decking completed

Any Other Business:
Leadership group positions:
Derek and Terry will be standing down from the Committee at the AGM.
All positions will be declared vacant and new nominations reviewed/accepted.
A resolution will be presented to the members at the AGM to have 3 nominated Ordinary members added to the Committee of Management.

New nomination forms and instructions have been sent to the members (TP).

Next Meeting: Tuesday, August 4th 2020, 9:00 am at the Hangar

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