Exec Committee Minutes 20th May 2020

Exec Committee Meeting Minutes May 20th 2020
Attendees: John Stevenson;  Rob Koller; Terry Phippen;  Jeff Suggars; Marcus Fox; Brian Stacey; John Peters;  
Apologies: Derek Ryan; 
Next Exec Meeting: tbc
Matters from the Last meeting:
Solar Power: submission failed. Too many submissions from the Flinders electorate.
Community Computer Cafe: $3,000 banked, Hugh Irvine working on equipment updates. 
Bendigo Bank Grants: Submission successful – $2,000 banked
Federal Govt Volunteer Grant: Submission for Defibrillator, first aid kit and safety equipment for the Mobile Workshop successful. $3,550 to be banked.
Rye Bike Program: James keen to start in Term 3 if conditions lifted.
Community Newsletter: Sorrento CC management have replaced this with a YouTube channel. We will be adding some material to promote the Shed. 
Stringer Reserve:
At the Shire Council Meeting on May 12th, a 10-yr lease for a portion of land adjacent to the Blairgowrie Community Garden was approved. Refer to section 3.3 in the attached Minutes from the meeting.
John and Rob to act as project managers taking this forward to planning and subsequent build of the “Storage Facility”.
(TP) Approached Greg Hunt’s office – no Federal funding currently available.
Lindsay Oates from the VMSA confirmed no State Funding available currently but advised the new round of submission would likely follow the 2019 format. Currently digging out the old paperwork.

Kitchen Update: 
Some discussion over the proposal to seriously upgrade the kitchen at the Hangar. Concerns raised over the term of the lease before committing to any long-term expense, the actual need for an extended update, the funding of the improvements if they go ahead.
Brian to lead a “Kitchen Committee” drawn from those expressing a keen interest in utilising any improved facility. Raising options/suggestions open to all members. 

Member Preferences/Interests: Need to review the Skills Matrix and identify key areas of interest. Terry to talk to Warren and see what indicators can be found on the spreadsheet so far.
Distribution of the “Strategic Plan” didn’t generate a lot of new ideas.

Submission for Defibrillator, first aid kit and safety equipment for the Mobile Workshop successful. $3,550 to be banked.Terry to talk to our welfare officers how best we spend the money inline with the submission and acquittal conditions. 

General Business:
AMSA Membership: Need to review membership options here and the potential for more acceptable insurance cover.
(JS) looked at the membership and no charge to join. Take up the membership and look to confirm member numbers and insurance impact.

Shed Returning after Restrictions lifted. The following was listed on the AMSA Facebook page. Getting_back_to_the_Shed

Sewer Connection: Shire has asked us to provide access to the Hangar on 28th May for connection to the sewer to be completed. Shire has been given funding for this. Terry to open the Hangar at 7:30 am.

Sorrento Community TV is up and running. We have submitted an entry. Warren is preparing an update featuring the Hangar and pictures from various projects. Go on to Youtube and look for “Sorrento Community TV” 

Our “wix” Website will be closed June 20th and we will switch over the MornPen network version. This has been updated and will be maintained as we start back with our projects.

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