Exec Committee Meeting 3rd March 2020

Exec Committee meeting 3rd March 2020
Attendees: John Peters;  Derek Ryan;  Terry Phippen;  Marcus Fox; Brian Stacey; Graham Goudie; 
Apologies: Jeff Suggars; John Stevenson;  Rob Koller; John Crough;
Next Exec Meeting: to be advised
All formal activities suspended at the Shed until such times the Shed is allowed to reopen. 
The Hangar:
Solar Power: “Energy Efficient Communities Program”.
(TP) The grant process opened on April 2nd. Submission in draft, awaiting supporting (mandatory) information from the Shire and potential provider. Due to a very limited number of grants per electorate (2) and processed on a first-come, best-dressed basis, we will be unlikely to get this grant. 
10-Yr Lease: the Shire have raised this with DEWLP, awaiting further details on the outcome of the approach. Probable outcome will be a 5-yr lease.
No current update.
Pre-Planned Events in 2020:

Bunnings BBQ Sat, May 9th
(TP) Bunnings have cancelled all BBQ’s for the time being.
Jetty Project: Some work has been done. On hold – John Stevenson and Marcus Fox to review and confirm if the Shed can become further involved. Need to be sure of funding, permits and permissions for the design.
No current update on status.
Stronger Communities Grant: Community Computer Cafe and 3D component. 
(TP) Computer and 3-in-1 printer have been purchased. Need to have Hugh explain what he has installed. Asked for an extension to the completion date due to closure of the Shed activities. 
Health and Welfare:
Federal Govt Volunteer Grant: Defibrillator, first aid kit and safety equipment for the Mobile Workshop. 
(TP) Formal submission completed. Selected for final assessment. No current update on status.
Meetings and Presentations:
March/April/May Presentations:  all postponed 
External Projects and Activities:
Rye Bike Program: Due to commence in Term 2
(TP) Suspended due to coronavirus implications.
Sorrento Rotary Support: Potential for the Men’s shed to support various activities where physical help with numbers is required. 
No current update.
Rye Community House Garden Option: This project was discussed briefly early in 2019 but did not get support. Back on the new manager’s agenda. Currently deferred, more details to come.
No current update.
Member Activity at the Men’s Shed

Lack of Activities at the Shed: There has been a real drop off in group activities, bringing the guys together at the Hangar. Need to find a way of members raising ideas and being prepared to lead them. 
No current update.
General Business:
Community Newsletter: Sorrento CC have raised an option for a local newsletter supported by community groups in our area, simple articles and a “What’s On” page. 
(TP) A proposal approved by the SCC board, note sent out to our members for comment. Very little response from the members no support.
Timber Storage: Is there an option to salvage good timber from various donors. Probable support for this at the Sea Scouts who would use the timber to on-sell.
No current update.
PNMSA Promotion: Warren, Peter and Graham to discuss a regular video promotion at the local cinema. Reshow the amazing video of the Rye Bike program. 
Peter and Warren in a discussion.
PNMSA Membership Extensions: look at member benefits such as: 
keycard which could be recognised at local stores and perhaps generate discounts for members.
Possible key entry at the Hangar. 
The Shed open each morning at a meeting place over coffee and the daily papers.
No current update.
Creation of a “Lunch Club”: a good number of members are interested in having this option. Perhaps consider the first one to be at the Hangar. 
Looking at the option and planning in progress, post-shutdown

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