Committee of Management Oct 2020

Activities around the Shed
Stringer Reserve:
Lease has been delivered, signed and returned to the Shire. 
Soil test and Flood Plain checks completed.
Shed structure may be reclassified as a “7B” (warehouse/storage) rather than a “10A” (Shed/Private Garage) – may require disabled access commitments. Surveyor contacted and work in hand
Concrete slab options still under review.
Site preparation could go ahead, with Shire footing the bill.

Kitchen Update:
No physical progress with COVID-19 restriction in place.
Finance available to work on the complete update.
John S, Richard and Warren to review quotes for whitegoods.

FY2020 accounts have been circulated and signed off. No open queries.

Funds for the Shed Build and Kitchen Update: $8,000 in promissory notes and 16 members have pre-paid membership

Fundraising ideas group. Richard Fyffe, John Stevenson and Rob Koller to sit on the initial group, with possible input from Rob Tucker. Peter has already ordered 2 “promissory notes”!!

DGR Status for Men’s Sheds: A decision to go ahead with an application. Some changes will be required to our Rules. Richard to refine and circulate the proposed changes.

Recommend that we fully review Post-COVID-19 rules and advice provided by the Government and AMSA/VSMA.

Skills Matrix: Circulate to all members who have not completed a form. Many new members t be canvassed.

Review the Activities/Usage of the Hangar: Propose that we look at the current usage of the Hangar and a possible extension of activities on site. 
Graham to head a small group reviewing what could be done on site. Member ideas to be sought.
Try to encourage greater use across more on the membership.

New Members: Phillip Boland has completed a member application for himself and partner.
Glyn Fairburn has raised an enquiry through the website. Will be in touch when we reopen.

To be managed through the Committee. Official response to go back to the person/organisation raising the query:
  • Point Nepean Road Safety Petition – Lino Tarquinio 
(ROB) At this point, It was decided that we could not give unilateral support as the Men’s Shed group but would rather leave it to individual members to sign the petition. 
  • Bay Trail Centenary – Brian Stacey, Rotary
(ROB) In a general sense. we support Rotary in any community involvement on the Peninsula, however, in this case, we need the request to come from Sorrento Rotary for assistance from the Shed and to be specific with exact detail of what is proposed and how we will be involved. We will then put this to our Project Group for further consideration.
New Items: 
Solar for the Hangar: Warren has been looking at options. Details to be shared with the committee.

Tribute Band Night:  Potential fundraiser, Warren has been looking at options.

Promotion of the PNMSA: Update to the promotional video:  Warren to update the original video. General circulation including Sorrento CC, VMSA and AMSA.
Consider a quarterly release of Articles with supporting pictures.


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