Committee of Management November 2020

Committee: Graham Goudie (Chair), John Stevenson, Rob Koller, Richard Fyffe, Warren Dickins, Peter Moore
Guests: Terry Phippen, John Crough, James Rennie, Marcus Fox, Derek Ryan.
Apologies: John Peters
President Report:
Stringer Reserve: Lease has been delivered, signed and returned to the Shire. 
Paperwork submitted for the building permit and forwarded to the building surveyor. Hope to see a slab by Xmas. Hoping to meet up with the committee to have one final view of the plans.
Melbourne Garages engaged as the builder. Looking at between $38K and $40K as the price.

Kitchen Update: Old cupboards removed. Cabinets have been ordered and could be delivered in a week. Russell Darbyshire has reviewed the electrics and will put in the required wiring. Appliances have been ordered. Mobile bench to be started.

Vice-President Report:
Welfare: Graham and John have issued some guidelines for re-opening. Recommend that we fully review Post-COVID-19 rules and advice provided by the Government and AMSA/VSMA, when issued.
Look at possibly having the next Non-COVID meeting at the Golf Club.
John Crough to be our COVID coordinator who will relay all info received to members.
Card Group still meeting online but looking forward to face to face soon

Secretary Report:
PGC – invoice has been paid, some more work to come.
Car Club – next meeting at the Green Olive – 40 people going.

Treasurer Report:
Accounts as at 31st Oct presented. Look at a possible 2-yr budget. No open queries.
DGR Status for Men’s Sheds: Some changes to our Rules presented, accepted by all members. Richard/Terry to circulate the proposed changes to the general membership group for approval at a general meeting in December.

Warren Dickins:
Solar project – 
will review some options for the new facility
QRCode installed at the Hangar. Encourage everyone to use it when entering the Hangar. May look to use the State Govt option when available.
Currently, to be shared with the general membership:
SHED ACCESS: To control access to the shed, we have implemented a QR system at the front door.
You register your entry by opening up your phone camera and pointing it at the QR code.
A banner will appear at the top of the screen, click on this to enter our PNMS Entry page.
Enter your name, mobile phone number, then press Check-In. 
The App will remember your data so you will only need to enter your data once.
If you are with others without a smartphone, you can enter their details.

Music Group: still meeting online.
Projects History: requesting photos from any projects.

Peter Moore: Fundraising Ideas group has not met formally during the COVID lockdown. Some ideas have been raised but will be carried over to 2021.
Parks Victoria has had further staff changes and there is potential to engage in fundraising whilst supporting their projects. 

Marcus Fox: Stressing that all Projects must come through the committee. Proper assessment should be done before any work is agreed to be done.
A few activities could be seen as “Help-a-mate” items and should be recorded with John Peters.
OutReach projects must go through the committee and apply the procedures developed in the Off-Site Projects and Activities – 2020 document.

Terry Phippen:
Grants: Successful – 
State Government Shed Support: awarded $2,300, due in November.
Shire Community Event: awarded $500 for Billy Karts 2021, due in November.
Awaiting outcomes: Shade Cover Grant, IGA Community Chest, VicHealth Re-Imaging Health. 
Unsuccessful: Bendigo Bank Community Investment Grants, 
In Progress: 25. AMSA National Shed Development Program: Our submission is in progress,
26. Wildlife and Habitat Recovery:  building nesting boxes for the Bushfire recovery areas. Under review with David McCausland re a bulk order of kits for us to build, if he can supply.

MornPen Liaison: Shire/Rye Community House Outreach program has not been setup. 
No other correspondence.

Business Arising from the Previous Minutes: 
No items raised.
New Business: 
Trivia Option: Doug Mclaine has presented a proposal for Trivia sessions during COVID restrictions. To be shared with the general membership at the next meeting. A possible option for next year.

Rye Bike Program: suspended until 2021 duet o conditions imposed on school activities. James keen to continue once the school program can restart.

Next Meeting: 
Tuesday, December 1st 2020, 9:00 am
Meeting ID: 896 0163 6131
Passcode: 895719

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