The Kitchen Cabinet

November 20th 2020: Work has begun on this project with the clearing out of the old cabinets and engaging a local cabinet maker to construct the new shell. Appliances have been ordered and available to be installed when we are ready.

We have received grants from both the Bendigo Bank and the State Government wich should cover a fair percentage of the cost.


August 14th 2020: The projects committee has reviewed the plan for a staged development and has approved a start on Stage 1. Some of the work can be done off-site during the COVID-19 lockdown. @ mobile tables are already in progress.


June 14th 2020: Things are progressing, quote for the appliances:- Sorrento Mens Shed


June 10th 2020: Attendees: Brian, Derek, Ray, Kit, James, Warren.  Apologies: John Crough, Ian and Phil.
Warren is preparing minutes.

Good afternoon fellow ministers and others. Attached you will find my revised drawing which I think covers our discussion of last evening and hoping we can “ sign off “ next week.

1. end wall to be clad in either corrugated zincalume or “mini orb“, with a nautical motive above by Warren.
2. “ L “ shaped timber benchtops in 35mm KD. Estapol finish. This work by James and Derek
3. Electric Underbench oven and cooktop to be sourced.  Kit is investigating this along with a dishwasher. A ceiling fan is envisaged. Russell to be contacted once the electric loads are known with a view to rewiring as required.
4. A bifold door to access the corner cupboard.
5. 600 wide open shelves at each end of the sidewall. In KD to match the benchtops. James and Derek.[this space may be left open ]
6. New overhead cupboard with wall colour laminate doors sitting 20mm below carcass as handles.
7. Wall colour large tile splashbacks.
8. New base cupboards. carcasses only with wall colour flush panel doors in flat pack for assembly by us. Quotes to be sourced by Ray.  Ray to source handles for selection.
9. Dishwasher.
10. Alcove for the rubbish bin
11. Zincalume corrugated sheet or “ mini orb” cladding to length and end of “hero “ mobile table to conceal low shelf that will take plastic ice and drink bins.
12. Steel framed table, by James  [whilst teaching others how to weld]. Top by Derek to match our entry shelf. Approx size 2M x .8M.  Frame painted flat black.
13. Existing Refrigerator remains. Note wall around the refrigerator to be covered with motoring artefacts. [ number plates and stuff ]
14. Existing kitchen sink with the top cut down to replace the existing trough. The topsails over the new HWS. Cupboard doors recycled from the end wall to enclose this space.
15. Build 3 door cupboard removed from the end wall. Left door to house bucket, mop and cleaning equipment. 2 door cupboard to house the portable bed with shelves above.
16. This alcove to house the spinning wheel.

see you next Wednesday…………stay well. Brian

Revised/Proposed Design

May 27th 2020: 1st formal meeting involving 9 Men’s shed members. Wide-ranging requirements, directions and concerns raised at this initial meeting. Brian presented the minutes from that meeting. Members to return June 3rd to review their individual preferred designs.

Concern raised over the short term tenure still applying at the Hangar. With this in mind, there was a desire to look at “mobile” components in any design. 

May 20th 2020: The Shed members are looking at revamping the kitchen facilities at our home base. The current setup is not practical and does not support the number of members and social members regularly using the Shed.

A group of members have formed a committee to look at what do we need and what can we do.

Our group has been named the “KITCHEN CABINET”, complete with ministerial portfolios and a maximum number of 10 [Covid protocols apply]. 

Duly Appointed:-

  • Brian Stacey is elected as “Prime Minister and Minister for Planning”
  • Ian Mellett is the minister for “mobile oven/hot plate/ spit“
  • Kit Bailey is the minister for “mobile drink station“
  • Derek Ryan is the minister for “supply“
  • Phil Robinson is the minister for “infrastructure“
  • Warren Dickens is proposed as the “minister for personnel“
  • John Crough has become the “Cabinet Secretary”
  • James Rennie
  • Trevor Fasham

Meetings are in progress discussing some pretty impressive design options.

They have a grant of $2,000 from the Bendigo Bank and another $800 from a Federal Government Volunteers grant to spend on a BBQ .