Microbat Boxes:

Members have built  2 styles of “homes” to attract micro bats back into your property. With their amazing appetite, there is hope these little natives can help control the mosquito population. This must be a better alternative to insecticide spraying.

Historical Products:

In the past, the members have produced the following. these items can be requested but may not be readily available at this point in time.

Nesting Boxes:

The Point Nepean Men’s Shed members have small bird nesting boxes for those people interested in encouraging and protecting native wild bird populations in their gardens.

Multi-level planters:

We have built multi-level planters for schools, community houses and private garden projects. Practical 2-tier construction to house standard pots.

“Wicking Boxes”: 

We have built wicking boxes for school projects. It’s great to see them being used by the kids and producing an array of veggies and herbs.

Want to Know More?

Contact the secretary at “” for more information.