September 2021 Update

The lockdowns in Victoria continue and we remain shut for at least another month. Although things are stopped on site, there is plenty of activity for some members and some planning to be considered.

Member Catchup Thursday 16th September:
A note from Graham, your Vice-President
It was great to finally catch up with 33 members during our Zoom meeting on Thursday after such a long time. We were able to inform members of the ‘behind the scenes’ activities your Committee members have been attending to over recent months – as Terry has outlined. We plan to have these Zoom catch ups each fortnight at 9.30 – and thanks to Robin Smith for enabling these Zoom meetings.

It was noteworthy that the recent Committee decision of ‘no double jabs – no entry’ was unanimously supported by the members during our meeting. 

Our key concern is, of course, the health and welfare of you all. Please feel free to call any of us if you need a friendly chat or some support during these challenging times. We will be contacting some of you we haven’t heard from for a while – just to see if you are ok.

Naturally, no face-to-face Shed activities are endorsed or permitted until the restrictions are eased.
Hopefully, we can all get together again soon and re-engage in activities we enjoy.

Men’s Shed Moving Forward
Our current committee is very aware that MEN’S HEALTH is a primary objective of the Shed and aims to provide a COVID safe environment. On reopening, we will act on all directions from the Government and the Shire.
The committee and Welfare Officers are looking at conditions to help protect our members’ health. We are raising questions around the vaccination status of our members and social members and their entry to our sites.  
  • Do we restrict entry to only those fully vaccinated?
  • Is it sufficient to allow entry for those with a single jab?
  • Will associated community groups insist on full vaccination of our members?
Based on discussions to date, there is strong support for a policy of limiting entry to fully vaccinated members. We need to hear from any member or social member who may have objections to this policy being adopted. 
Scheduled for Thursday 18th November 2021
Due to the COVID roadmap, most likely to be via Zoom 
Time to consider how you might support the Shed by nominating for one of the positions or nominate another member (provided they have agreed to stand!). 
All committee positions are open for nomination. We are looking to encourage any member who might like to take up one of the positions.
Where multiple nominations are returned for any position, an anonymous ballot will be conducted. 
Some nominations are already been lodged and it’s looking like another ballot for the Ordinary Committee member positions.

10-Year Lease on the Hangar: 
The Shire Legal team has approached DEWLP on the potential for an extended lease. An official submission seeking support for an extended lease will be presented at the Shire Council meeting on the 19th of October. If approved, there will be a period of “public consultation” (whatever that entails??).
We are getting closer!!
2021-22 State Government Men’s Sheds funding program: 
Great news, as we were amongst the successful grant recipients. We put in a submission for upgrading the heating/cooling and security at the Hangar. The committee will initiate more discussion once we have that 10-year lease.