Project Committee Report 2021

On behalf of the Projects Review Team, I present this report on the activities which were reviewed by our team during the last 12 months.

There were a limited number of activities carried out this year due to the very tight Covid-19 Restrictions.

A number of suggestions were put forward by the members for projects which could be suitable for PNMSA member involvement. These were each reviewed and assessed by the Projects Team and our recommendations were then presented to the general meetings for their approval or rejection by a majority of the members attending those meetings.

The following list is a summary of the projects which the PNMSA members approved and participated in so as to assist various organisations within the local Point Nepean Community:

      • Provision of a Bike Training Program for Rye Primary School.
      • Restoration of a Minnow Yacht for Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron.
      • Assistance to Clean up Garden areas for Blairgowrie Community Garden.
      • Provision of some Child Height Handrails for Sorrento Primary School.
      • Provision and delivery of some Bird Boxes for Birdlife Australia.
      • Provision of some Special Student Tables for Sorrento Primary School.
      • Provision of some Native Bee Homes for St. Joseph’s Primary School.
      • Installation of some special Anzac Paving Slabs at Sorrento RSL which were supplied by students of St. Joseph’s Primary School.
      • Provision of some new Timber Sleeper Type Tiered Garden Retaining Walls for Sorrento Primary School.
      • Erection of some Picture Rails for Sorrento Primary School.
      • Provision of Bamboo Stakes for Rosebud Community House.
      • Provision of some Sensory Tables for St. Joseph’s Primary School.
      • Provision of some Gardening and general site clean up for the Rye Community House.
      • Refurbishment of the Kitchen area at The Hangar for PNMSA.
      • Provision of Internal Fitout Requirements at the PNMSA Storage Shed.

The members of PNMSA also assisted with some other local community group activities such as assisting the Sorrento Rotary Group with Sorrento Community Main Street Christmas activities.

The PNMSA Help a Mate programme, organised by John Peters, was also utilised by a number of the members who found this facility had a bonding influence amongst the participants and highlighted the meaning of our Mission Statement “RUOK ?”.

The PNMSA Projects Team held only four meetings throughout the year, (due to Covid-19 restrictions,) both face to face and via Zoom on line, in order to consider all aspects of the proposed Project suggestions as to whether there were any OH&S issues or Insurance issues and to ensure that all positive project recommendations could be adequately funded.

We as a team, Brian Stacey, Malcolm Barrow, Michael Watts, John Crough, John Peters and myself, would like to thank all members for their support of our review group and also thank the Management Team for their insistence that the process, which has been put in place to assess the Project Activities, is followed.

We hope that the expected relaxation of the Covid-19 restrictions later this year will allow for more involvement with the communities we wish to assist.

Best Regards, Marcus Fox