November 2022 Update

2022 Annual General Meeting: 

Thank you to the 42 members in attendance.
Minutes have been sent to all members and are available on the Website, including the supporting reports.

The Executive Committee for 2022-2023:
President: John Stevenson
Vice-President: Grahan Goudie
Secretary: John Crough
Treasurer: Richard Fyffe
Ordinary Committee Members (3) elected through the ballot:
Warren Dickins, Lloyd Eldred, Malcolm Barrow

Motor Group trip to Inverloch: 

A very successful trip to RACV Resort in Inverloch over 2 days. 
Thanks Rob Koller for setting this up and managing all the organising through the RACV. 
Certainly a challenge working with the Resort Booking Management system!!

Rye Pier Benches: 

Parks collect the 3 units we had made. Now awaiting Parks to complete the installation at the revamped Rye Pier.
They were very impressed and are now considering an option for more!!
Thank you to Rob Koller and the “Tuesday Crew”
for all the effort that went into this project.

Crisis Housing :

Bayview’s submission was rejected (as was one by Russell Joseph) so no action to be taken on the Rosebud land at present.
Feedback from Council to Nikki at Bayview said the reason was perceived risk in the choice of housing provider (Fusion) which we partnered with in the submission. Council was very happy with the idea of transitional housing for women at risk and using as much community involvement as possible. Council will ask for EOI’s again for the same blocks of land in the new year and have very much encouraged Bayview to resubmit with a new housing partner.
Warren and I are very keen for the shed to continue supporting Bayview
and to help with the new submission when a new housing provider is selected.

Attaching the message that Nikki sent to us after talking to Chris Munro at Council:-
Hi Warren and James,
Mitch, Nate and I just had a fantastic conversation with Chris Munroe regarding the EOI.  As suspected the main issue was the Fusion component as they are not currently a RHO, that is still in the pipeline.  He advised this was the only major risk they identified.  He also mentioned we could strengthen our proposal by accommodating the concept of Crisis Accommodation… ie keep 2-3 of the houses specifically for crisis, which is something we had discussed.  He was incredibly encouraging of our proposal and basically advised us everything else about our proposal is exactly what they are looking for.  He loved our community connections and really wants to give the contract to local services.  He strongly encouraged us to tweak it according to those 2 points and resubmit.  It was nice that there really weren’t any surprises.  He seemed genuinely impressed with our proposal.
 Maybe next year will be better timing for all of our services.  Looking forward to resubmitting.
I am chatting with WAYSS as a RHO and I will make a call to your suggestion James, I have also had conversations with a few other groups, one which may be useful with regard to funding.
 Just thought I’d give you the update.
Thanks Nikki Jenkins, Director Bayview Care