Pt. Nepean Men’s Shed Musical Appreciation Group

June 17th 2020:  Attendance; 9 budding musos

Live music to consider when back on-line:

  • Rye Hall
  • Music on the Hill (Red Hill)
  • Richard Fyffe offered to look for Jazz & Classical music venues
  • Most attendees favour Blues, Rock, Country & Folk
  • Melb Jazz Festival and Queenscliff Music Festival were discussed.


  • WD to circulate 3PBS program. See attached   I’m listening as I type.
  • Netflix & YouTube was discussed.  Great source of music.
  • WD has offered to view concerts on home theatre system. Unfortunately a limit of around 7.

Playing Group:

  • BS has selected Bass and has assembled a ‘Tea Box’ bass.  Artwork to follow.
  • The objective is to play at the Christmas party
  • WD has musos to come and assist.
  • For Chords and lyrics look at Chordie and Ultimate Guitar

WD will setup central document storage folders on the PNMS Google Drive.

Next Meeting: Next Thursday 25 June @ 4pm.  It’s changed to Thursday as Tuesday was a problem for some. This is a meeting for guitarists but all welcome.  Bring your guitars and amplifiers if you have one. Each guitarist to bring 3 songs for the group to consider. 

It was a great kick off, thanks to all.

Warren Dickins 0419-514-351

June 12th 2020: Agenda # 1 – Tuesday 16 June 2020 @ 4pm

Welcome: Proposed format of the group for discussion:

Playing Group:

  • Playing your instrument with others
  • Learning from others
  • WD shall get some experienced musicians to provide some advice
  • Play a live set at the PNMS Christmas PartyListening Group:
  • Going to live concerts and GIGs
  • Seeking our local Mornington Peninsula music (Frankston Arts Centre, Balnarring MusoNight, etc).
  • Watching & listening to recorded concerts.Points for Discussion:
  • Discuss the members list
  • Open to all Genres of music. What is preferred?
  • Available sound & musical equipment
  • A band name for the Playing Group. (see below)
  • Look out for suitable guest speakers
  • Discussion regarding partner involvement
  • Playing Group band meeting
  • Music listening sources (Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Vinyl, CD/DVD/Blu Ray, etc)
  • How we can help the community
  • Making Instruments?
  • Common Document store for music, etc. (PNMS Google Drive)
  • Other Business

Next Meeting, suggest:

* Playing Group; guitar workshop
* Listening Group; discuss listening sources


June 4th 2020: Time to choose a Name
MATS Music at the Shed (or perhaps MATH Music at the Hanger)

We are establishing a music group within the Shed. 
The objectives are:

  • Playing and learning to play music.
  • Going to Concerts and Live Music (when available and safe)
  • Watching live concerts (DVD/Blu Ray)

The first meeting will be at the Hanger at 4 PM on Tuesday 16 June.
Please contact Warren Dickins if you are interested on 0419-514-351

If you have a passion for music and/or wish to play live music, please pop along.

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