Microbat Boxes

Managing the Mosquito Population on the Mornington Peninsula.

Are Native bats an alternative to chemical spraying? Consider “Microbat Homes” installed in your garden to attract a natural predator of the Mosquito. Native Microbats, we are told, can consume over 1,000 insects per night, the equivalent of 40% of their own bodyweight!!

Point Nepean Men’s Shed and our partners “Studio 57F1” are developing simple kits that our local community can purchase and easily install. 

The Western Red Cedar units are available at $75.00.  The sleek, black “Studio 57F1” option is available at $70.00.  Local pickup recommended. Both can be collected from Sorrento, Victoria.

The 3rd option, MicroBat Kit Homes, is very limited in number. The kits have actually been assembled. These are being offered as a discounted price of $40.00 plus post/packaging.

Options to post would be considered but variable on location.

A quick description of why we are looking at building these:- Insect Massacre

Want to know more? Please call Terry on 0488 115 433