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Example ‘Profile Data’ Entry                                            

Name:      Bill Bloggs   ————————   (how you prefer to be called) 
Born:        July 23rd 1945 at Mornington, VIC,AU —   (birth date & place)
Phone:     0401 234 567 or 03 5971 1234 ———-    (mobile & home)
Email: —————-   (primary email address)
Address:   199 Main St, Mornington, Vic 3931 ——   (full home address)
Hobbies:   Oil Painting, Archery, Sailing, Golf  —–   (top 5 in order of favorites)
Skills:         Accounting, Management, Art ———  (top 5 in order of skill level)
Interests:  Art, Music, Computers, Woodwork  —–  (top 5 in order of favorites)
Member:   Sep, 2015  ————————   (month & year that you joined MMS)
Roles:        Member   ————————-  (or all MMS roles & year performed)


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