2021 Junior Sensory Tables

The guys at the Men’s Shed responded to this comment from a teacher at St Joseph’s Primary School in Sorrento:-

“I’m having a bit of a battle with little ones damaging and pulling apart the veggies and insect hotels. If and when you are back on board, I’m looking to get something made for students to play with natural objects, hoping this will take the pressure of the garden etc.”

With the help from the Mornington Peninsula Shire through another $1,000 flexi-grant, we have been able to purchase some kits to meet an initial request for 2 sets of the tables for both St Joseph’s and the Sorrento Primary School. These were delivered for the start of Term 1, 2021.

The good thing is that we now have a template for making more if orders come in from other local Early Learning Centres.