June 2022 Update

Activities at the Stringer Road Reserve Building: 

It is mandatory for Members to sign in and sign out on each visit
Members, please remember it is also mandatory that there has to be
minimum of 2 persons on-site for any activity. 
No equipment, tools etc. are to be used unless there are 2 persons present. 

Member Covid Update: 
A few more members contracted the virus and went into isolation over the past month. 
Pleased to say, all recovering without complications other than perhaps “Long Covid”. 
We are reminded to take care, stay safe and look after those around us.

Member First Aid : 
St Johns Ambulance provided the course on June 15th. Thank you to those attending, great to have more of our members now “first aiders”. 
A few recommendations will be followed up by the Welfare team to ensure we maintain a safe environment for our activities.

Motor Group: General agreement that we had a successful Car Club excursion into regional Victoria. Rob was complimented on his terrific planning and organisation.
The Motor Group has been meeting and looking at a trip in November with overnight stays at the RACV Inverloch Resort.

BYS Sailability Yacht Restoration: The 1st yacht has been refurbished
and successfully returned to service.Thank you to everyone who chipped in with this project.
We received a letter of thanks: 

Rye Pier Benches:
Parks Victoria has delivered 40 boards from the old pier to the Stringer Reserve. Thank you to the guys who pitched in to unload and stack the timber at Stringer Reserve. It really was a case of many hands made light work on the day. 

Spirit of Sorrento Masterchefs Luncheon: 
Our Shed supported the MasterChef lunch at the Portsea Children’s Camp on the Queen’s Birthday weekend.
The event was very successful and congratulations goes to the Spirit of Sorrento group which includes the Pt. Nepean Men’s Shed.  Six of the MasterChef’s of Sorrento each provided a course.  Here is a photo of the PNMS Table and the set-up team.


Member Luncheon (Lino and Warren):
Warren: An enjoyable wine tasting and winter lunch at Italico. Portsea Estate provided a wide range of very nice wines on arrival, then Italico served a range of share platters. An extremely nice way to spend a winter’s day.

Lino: Will and Matt from Portsea Estate were very informative about the wines from Portsea and some Redhill vines they’re using. We sampled Champagne, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Shiraz – all just superb! Several of our Members ordered some wines and joined the Portsea Estate wine club. Matt generously donated 48 good quality wine glasses to us and they are now at the Hangar. 
For the lunch, Itali.Co served 3 shared Entrees and 3 shared Mains.
All excellent quality and no one went home hungry: 
excellent value at $35/head.

Our Local Community:

St Josephs Sorrento:  Jane Byrne has sent us this article which has been shared with every catholic school!!
The support of PNMS is a vital link to the success of our work at the school.”

Sorrento Preschool:  We have taken the very popular sand cranes back for a “service” and new paint job.  Thank you Peter Moore for taking on this project.  They will look fantastic again. 

Sorrento Community Centre: The Conference Room and Boomerang Bags workroom had their floors updated. Thanks to Brian Stacey we tested our skills at carpet laying. Not too many tiles were wasted in this fun project. 

Rye Community House: RCH_Upcoming_Events.pdf

Dromana Community House: Winter_Warmer_edition.pdf

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