June 2021 Update

Christmas in July: (Rob Koller 0419 317 422):

Last call – bookings closing Monday 28th June.

Portsea Golf Club, Thursday, July 1st, 2021

Open from 6:30 for 7:00 pm

The bar is open for the purchase of wine, drinks etc.( bring your credit card along)

Raffles and Auctions (please bring plenty of cash,
an opportunity to donate all those coins you collected during the lockdowns!!)

Prizes for Best dressed in Xmas theme.

$55 per person, inclusive of a Christmas carvery and a welcome drink
Welcome drink is inclusive of tap beer, house wine, soft drinks and juices (one per person). 
Payment can be made to the following bank account
 Bendigo Bank, Bsb 633000:  Acc #  163051279
Please add a reference when booking – NAME, XIJuly      (ie Smith XIJuly)

Menu: Roast of the Day

           Carrots, sweet potato and pumpkin
           Beans, broccoli and zucchini
           Fresh bread rolls and butter
           Individual Christmas puddings with custard
Please let me know if you have dietary requirements/food allergies.

Coronavirus Updates

COVID Restrictions in place
The following is copied from the DHHS website; it comes into effect as of 11.59 pm Thursday 24th June.
Community facilities: • Open with a density quotient of 1 person per 4sqm • Maximum venue cap 300 people. No group limits Venues less than 600sqm can operate with lesser of density quotient of 1 person per 2 sqm or venue cap of 150 patrons provided they have a COVID Check-in Marshal at the entrance to require check in.
On the basis of having a Check-in Marshal (!) we can have around 40 people at the Hangar; We can introduce the above from the 25th.
Not sure whether there will be a Thursday meeting on 1st July because of the “Christmas in July” event that night.

Greg Hunt Vaccine Update: Record_Vaccination_Milestone.pdf


The scanning of QR codes is now mandatory.  Please scan every time you enter the Hangar or the Stringer Reserve Shed.
There is no need to scan on exit.

If your phone is having problems reading the QR code, please download one of the QR Scanner Apps.
we recommend the QR Code Reader App by Nero Apps LLC seems to work fine. It’s free.

Contact Tracing: Please you must continue to use the QR Code option whenever you are at the Hangar and at the Stringer Reserve site.

Stringer Road Reserve Facility:

 (John Stevenson 0488 144 777; Rob Koller 0419 317 422):
On-going regular meetings at the Stringer Reserve, every Tuesday from 1:00 pm.
Everyone has the opportunity to pitch in on developing the facilities at the new site. It’s already looking good but always plenty to help with. 

                DGR and Tax Office (Richard Fyffe 0431 091 108) 
Still battling to finalize the Charity/DGR registration with the ATO but they have handed over our GST refund!!

Grants (Terry Phippen 0488 115 433)
State Government Men’s Shed Program for 2021: submission looking at options under “improvements at our sites” and/or “tools and equipment”. 
AusPost Foundation 2021 and National Shed Development Program Round 22 have opened for submissions. Very specific is their focus on health and well-being projects. Very detailed submissions need for both.

Nesting Boxes Bushfire Recovery Program:

We are off and running in building those nesting boxes.
Bunnings have joined the team donating all the paint we need.
Soon have some to deliver to West Kalimna for distribution to Bushfire impacted sites in Gippsland.

Men’s Shed Activity:

Rye Primary Bike Program (James Rennie 0417 449 296):
Friday morning sessions at the Rye Primary school. Each day will feature 2 shifts between 9:50 and 11:30 – giving a 50-minute slot with the kids.
The aim is to create a fleet of bikes the kids can use, but owned by the school.
Note: Additional volunteers always welcome.

Help a Mate (John Peters 0411 348 149):
Need some experienced help on those “difficult” personal projects? Contact John and the team to discuss possible support.

Projects: (Marcus Fox 0439 119 368):
Bring those ideas to the Projects Committee for the required assessment.

Member Luncheon: (Graham Goudie 0419 021 900):
Thank you John Peters for getting this up and running and Graham for taking up the mantle in keeping these events happening (barring COVID interruptions)

Please note: COVID restrictions have meant postponing the lunch at Hotel Sorrento.
More details to come on a new date.

Music Group (Warren Dickins 0419 514 351):

Are you interested in the Music Group within the Shed? 
We have two groups:
1. Guitarists and musicians.  No real skills required, just a late-life music crisis.
2, Music Appreciation.  For those who are interested in live or recorded music.

Please contact Warren Dickins on 0419-514-351 or warren.dickins@gmail.com)
and we’ll put you on the email list. 

Car Club (Rob Koller 0419 317 422):

It’s up and running again and regular meetings will be arranged in 2021. 
500 Card Club (Malcolm Barrow 0448 056 506):

All action back at the Hangar.  Very popular and getting quite competitive. 
Healthy and Safety Procedures: (David Bevens 0423 284 626) 
Revamping our information and procedures at the Hangar, Stringer Reserve Shed and the mobile workshop. Please share with David any comments you need to share about health and safety at the Shed.

The Shed Network:

AMSA: Online Magazine – Nuts_Bolts_Member_Bulletin___June_2021.pdf
Current Podcast: AMSA_Podcast_New_episode_Tune_in.pdf

MornPen Shed Network: Official opening of the new Westernport Men’s Shed postponed.

VMSA: current newsletter – VMSA_News_May_2021.pdf
The meeting with the VMSA CEO has been cancelled due to COVID restrictions

Our Community:

Stringer Road Reserve Concept Plan: (Terry Phippen 0488 115 433):

Richard Doery has provided community group responses to the 1st draft.
Looking to get some more time with the Shire before the plan goes on public exhibition.

Bendigo Bank Insurance Notification: offering insurance options to the local community.- Bendigo Bank Insurance June 2021

Friends of SLIPS, Stringer Reserve: an on-going opportunity for any member EVERY month:
Friends Of Slips Reserve meets every 3rd Monday of the month between 1.30 – 3.30 pm.
This group works in conjunction with landscape management, a section of Mornington Peninsula Council.

Do you have a Coat you can Donate?: Southern Peninsula Community Support is looking for a donation of coats in good condition this month.
Details of where to drop them off here: – SPCS coat donations

Community Sector Impact Survey: “Our Community” is a social enterprise that has been at the forefront of providing practical support for the 600,000 community groups, not-for-profits and charities. “Our Community” set out to find out what was happening within the not-for-profit sector through a quick-response survey. 

Greg Hunt’s Community Update: Men_s_Health_Jetty_Road_Update.pdf 

Ritchies Card Registrations
We are receiving small amounts of donations from IGA from those people who have nominated the Shed as their community recipient.

Account/Card Registration 
Pick up a card at the local IGA.
Go online “loyalty.ritchies.com.au” and select “create account
The sign-up page will appear and you will need to enter your name, email address and add a password for this account (the system asks for at least 6 chars – 1 numeric, 1 lower case letter, 1 upper case letter)
When complete submit the entry
The system will send an email to you asking you to verify your email address.
Once verified you can log on using the email address and your selected password.
Select using the “plastic card” and enter the 13 digits on the back of the card you picked up at the Store.
Account and card registration complete. 

Community Benefits Program Nomination
To nominate a community benefit program, go to the home page and select the Community Benefits Program picture
Enter “NEP” in the search area
From the dropdown menu returned, select “Men’s Shed Point Nepean”
The system will return a “thank you” msg and show how much has been donated to the Shed to date.