“Help a PNMS Mate” Program

I do enjoy helping our guys and there are many reasons they request our help generally money is not the driving force as most ask not to explain or highlight their concerns, a considerable amount of time is spent in the preparative process that is organised and everyone knows and has a role to play which make for an enjoyable event or project

    • visiting the site and discussing the objectives
    • Paperwork to the project group for review this outlines the work for discussion and refinement as  necessary  a very well-defined project sheet
    • contacting all helpers via a PNMS Help a Mate shoutout is usually a great response
    • Then members meet on-site generally speaking for the camaraderie and to Help a Mate

Note from John: I would suggest this approach should be used on all projects and from my point of view all activities should be discussed as Projects as it does pick up missed points of view and refines ideas,  it may sound a little laborious but it does generally include a lot of members who otherwise would not participate as most are shy and brings us ALL together.

John Peters

The Mobile Workshop:

From John Peters: Could I suggest we look at how the van is set out and have tools that are more in tune with day to day use the van is used for especially the PNMS Help a Mate initiative ie power leads with RCD   1/electric chain saw,  racks, shovels,  gloves,  eyewear, gardening stuff, etc etc etc

Nominated members to drive the unit and have access to Stringers together with safety. This is always raised during the project review process.

In closing, it sometimes feels that we don’t promote our good long-term continuous programs or initiatives that are now quite considerable maybe we should consolidate and do fewer with more finesse to include more of our  members

Member Comment:

2/5/2022: David Rasmussen:

John Peters – Gentlemen, On Behalf David R and Family, a big thank you for all your help last Wed morning, absolutely brilliant, the cleanup and tree removal around the shed now looks great, with the boys commenting on the excellent Morning coffee break, together with the lunch Pies/ Sausage rolls washed down with a cheeky beer. My thanks & The PNMS “Help a Mate” initiative salutes you all. Kind regards JP

 David: The clean-up and tree cutting the guys did, as well as removing the old awning and associated detritus was completed with astonishing care and speed. Gail was suitably impressed. a huge thank you.  David and Gail

John Peters – After the work, I dropped off 5 Piles at Graeme Rome’s house as he could use them for his garden retaining wall, all the guys indicated that it was to help with camaraderie, lots of laughs, etc that they come for and enjoy.

21/5/2020: Jeff Suggars:

I just wanted to thank the Help a Mate group john S, john P and Rob for their help this morning In moving the split wood. Couldn’t have done it without their help.

Message from JP: On behalf of all our PNMS Inmates, many thanks for your help today in helping a PNMS Mate shift and stack a lot  firewood for Jeffrey and thanks to Sue for the Coffee and cakes afterwards. Until we meet again. Kind regards JP

22/5/2020: From Terry:

Thank you John S for helping collect those pallets. Couldn’t have done it without your help. One grateful lady has her front yard back!! ps. I hope those wheels fit the trailer you have in mind.