Help a Mate 2021

This year, 2020/2021 has been so ‘stop and start’.

Our protocols for larger activities for Members take a while to set up. It’s pleasing to advise that a number of our members have been helping each other in a more spontaneous way, which of course is the whole idea.

I would ask that members advise the coordinator, John Peters, of the activity as we need to have an admin record of tasks completed together with members involved as all activities are reviewed by our Projects Group.

We are up to quite a large number completed now, with about 4 in the pipeline as we speak.

A bit of good news is that we still have some cheeky reds (courtesy of Peter Grey) that where given to say a special thanks and will contact all involved for a breakout drink when Dan consistently lets us out.

Confirming standard minimum currency is always a Pizza and Red, White or Soft for the Boys on the day. 

Until when we can catch up 

Kind regards to all Coordinator, John Peters