Group Activity Report 2021

Group Activity:   October 2020 – October 2021

With COVID restrictions and lockdowns in place, we were unable to support many activities on-site or off-site.

Car Club (Rob Koller):

 ……upon opening, we managed the following ———


      • Bathurst get together and BBQ
      • Car run for coffee – Green Olive Red Hill
      • Booking to Balgownie estate (alas, postponed by later lockdown)
      • Jag only luncheon and catch up
      • Hoist facilities established ……...bookings essential

Music Group Annual Report (Warren Dickins):

Despite the challenges of lockdowns, the Music Group has flourished over the past year via Zoom meeting.  The group continue to grow now comprising 9 musicians.   We are fortunate to have Terry Hogan as a member who provides musical guidance to the group.

Due to grants and gifts, we have acquired sound and musical equipment at the hanger.  This comprises PA speakers, PA mixer, microphone stands, music stands and keyboards.  We will expand this as money becomes available.

Unfortunately, we have had limited opportunity to enjoy live music.

We are all looking forward to getting back together and developing our music skills.

Warren Dickins

500 Card Club (Malcolm Barrow):

Face to face competitive card activity was definitely limited by COVID restrictions. However, during the brief time we were allowed to meet at the Hangar, the 500 Card Club achieved record attendance on numerous occasions with 4 tables of 4. A testament to the desire for members to be able to meet, be sociable and competitive, every week. 

We were able to keep this activity going, when restrictions applied, by continuing to play using an on-line computer App,

Also, again every week! Our group became national with players competing from interstate. The technical skills and playing skills of the group have increased exponentially over this period.

Well done to everyone, Malcolm Barrow