Saeco Incanto Deluxe

Machine and all you need accessories on offer for $100.

Derek Ryan has donated this machine as part of the fundraising for the Kitchen Upgrade. Available now from the Hangar.

Some Review Comments off the Internet:

this machine has given me endless cups of coffee, is always ready, easy to clean, all you need is water and your favorite coffee beans, and all at a press of a button. The filter is easy to manage, the cleaning and changing of degrader is easy, just wash under the tap.

Has been a dream to own. We have it set to come on at 5.50am every morning and it’s rinsed and warmed & ready to go when get to the kitchen for breakfast. We have used it day in day out for 5 years making a minimum of 4 coffees every morning, many more on weekends, and it’s been great. We take our coffee black, and it produces a smooth strong coffee with great creama, that is far more consistent than many cafes. Also pretty good for steaming milk to make hot chocolates for our daughter.
reliable, easy to use, makes beautiful quality coffees.