Our Grant History

PNMSA Awards History

We have been very successful in getting grants to support a number of projects and to equip the Men’s Shed going forward. The awards shown in BLUE have been fully acquitted/final reports accepted.

FY2024 $2,800 62. 2023 Federal Government Stronger Communities Programme Round 8: support for the addition of electric circuitry at Stringer Reserve.
  $3,500 63. 2023 Federal Government National Shed Development Programme Round 25: support for the upgrade to facilities at Stringer Reserve including the addition of electric circuitry and safety additions.
FY2023 $2,043 46. 2022 National shed Development Program Round 23; Health and well-being support.
  $2,500 53. MornPen Placemaking Grants: creation of additional “Buddy Benches” at Sorrento Primary, St Joseph’s Sorrento and Sorrento PreSchool.
  $13,457 58. Erika Foundation: off-the-grid solar installation at Stringer Reserve. Note: With the decision of the Shire to allow the connection of the building to the current power grid, negotiations are in progress on how best we can best allocate the funds.
  $500 60. 2023 Shire Community Support: funding material for the schools proposed intergenerational program. 
FY2022 $2,000 31. 2021 Federal Government Volunteer: submission for the improvement of the facilities, equipment and training at Stringer Reserve. (Payment received 7/1/2022, report expected 31st December 2022.
  $6,300 34. 2021 State Government Funding for Men’s Sheds: Our submission focussed on Heating/Cooling plus security at the Hangar. All work completed in February 2022. Report provided and accepted. 
  $1,996 38. Defib21/22-01 Defibrillator Purchase and Installation: Community Grants for defibrillators, through Shire. Installation of an external unit at Stringer Reserve Blairgowrie. 
  $500 40. FG21/22-003 MornPen Flexi-Grant: design and build 2 “Buddy Benches” at St. Joseph’s Primary School. 
  $500 50. Poli-Pix Competition: submitted pictures of the Flinders electorate candidates at the Men’s Shed Q&A sessions. Awarded one of the smaller prizes for the initiative. 

Note: this was donated to a local charity supplying uniforms to disadvantaged families in our area.

FY2021 $500 3. CEF018/19-20 Mornington Peninsula Shire Community Events: (2nd cycle of grant award towards the costs of the Billy Kart Grand Prix 2021). Event was cancelled due to COVID restrictions and very strict Tier 3 regulations imposed on any event in Victoria. We could not meet the conditions. 
  $2,300 23. DHHS – Victorian Men’s Shed Program: COVID-19 support (Grant – refurbish the kitchen). Formal report submitted confirming kitchen installation. 
  $750 25. National Shed Development Program (NSDP) Round 21: for Shed Improvement items for Hangar and Storage Shed. Awarded for first aid training for 10 people. Booked in for June 15th 2022. Report provided and accepted. 
  $7,820 26. BRCG00008 Wildlife and Habitat Bushfire Recovery Program: support Bushfire impacted areas – create and deliver nesting boxes to Birdlife Australia for distribution in East Gippsland Victoria. Federal Government Grant – final report submitted August 2021. 
  $1,000 27. FG20/21-23 Flexi-Grant for Sensory Tables: design and build 4 nests of tables – 2 for St Joseph’s and 2 for Sorrento Primary School. Acquittal submitted February 2021. 
  $2,200 29. MornPen Shire COVID Recovery: application for materials to support the restart of the Rye Primary Bike Recovery program – purchase tools to support a bike workshop at Stringer Reserve. Acquittal provided. 
  $1,050 MornPen Shire Stringer Reserve Build – Contribution of 50% of quoted cost for site preparation for PNMS at Stringer Road Reserve, Blairgowrie. 
FY2020 $500 3. CEF018/19-20 Mornington Peninsula Shire Community Events: (donation towards the costs of the Billy Kart Grand Prix 2020). Acquittal accepted. 
  $3,000 11. STCO78345: Stronger Communities Grant (purchase of computer hardware and software, including 3D printer). 
  $3,550 14. EH0E7O3: 2020 Federal Government Volunteers Grant (Purchase of the Defibrillator, First Aid Equipment and training for Mobile Workshop). (Note: The balance extended to the Music group at the Hangar)
  $2,200 16. Bendigo Bank March 2020 community support: (Upgrading the kitchen facilities at the Hangar). 
  $495 24. Custom Number Plate: (New plates “HelpU” for the Mobile Workshop) No Acquittal required.
FY2019 $5,000 1. Bendigo Bank: (donation for the purchase of the Mobile Workshop). 
  $5,000 4. RACV Foundation 🙁donation for the purchase of the Mobile Workshop). 
  $20,000 5. Mornington Peninsula Shire S223: Budget Allocation (Update of the toilet facilities at the Hangar). Shire managed the award, project and finances. 
  $3,000 8. CPG18/1901: Mornington Peninsula Shire “Placemaker” Grant (Various primary School Projects). Acquittal accepted by the Shire. 
  $5,000 9. N5XF6L5: Federal Government Volunteers Grant (Purchase of Tools, Garden equipment and First Aid items. 
  $1,000 13. FG19/20-55: Mornington Peninsula Shire Flexi-Grant (Sorrento Primary Garden Restoration). 
FY2018 $1,000 7. FG181901: Mornington Peninsula Shire Flexi-Grant (Initial Website Creation).