Executive Committee

An Executive Committee is elected each year to oversee the operations of the Men’s Shed.

The constitution states that a committee is elected each year with 4 official office bearers (a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer) and an agreed number of ordinary committee members.

Elected at the 2023 AGM:-

President – John Stevenson  (0488 144 777) Secretary – John Crough (0425 827 910)
Vice-President: Graham Goudie (0419 021 900) Treasurer – Mark Ferguson (0408 364 794)
Ordinary Members (4) Warren Dickins; Malcolm Barrow; James Rennie; Rob Koller

There may be an operational activity that requires additional support.   

The Executive Committee will meet once a month, with the exception of January, to discuss matters of importance and the management of the Men’s Shed. Many decisions taken at the meeting are then referred to the general membership.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 3 October 2023

Minutes are taken and when approved by the Committee as a complete and accurate record, copies are added to the website, as listed below:

PNMSA CoM Minutes 3 October 2023

PNMSA CoM Minutes 12 September 2023

PNMSA CoM Minutes 1 August 2023

PNMSA CoM Minutes 2 May 2023

PNMSA CoM Minutes 4 April 2023

PNMSA CoM Minutes 7 March 2023

PNMSA CoM Minutes 7 February 2023

PNMSA CoM Minutes 10 January 2023

PNMSA Committee of Management Minutes 6 December 2022

CoM Minutes 8th November 2022

CoM Minutes 11th October 2022

CoM Minutes 6th September 2022

CoM Minutes 2nd August 2022

CoM Minutes 5th July 2022

PNMS CoM Notes of Meeting 7June22

CoM Minutes 10th May 2022

CoM Minutes 19th April 2022

CoM Minutes 8th March 2022

CoM Minutes 1st February 2022