Community Liaison Report 2021

Rye Community Liaison Report – AGM 2021

Quite a number of PNMS members live in Rye and the Shed is keen to provide support to this community in liaison with local groups. Unfortunately, activities and potential projects in Rye have been drastically curtailed due to COVID restrictions.

The Rye Community House (RCH) and Rye Community Alliance (RCA) have been in contact with us to hopefully undertake some projects when possible. Terry has been our contact person until recent times, and we thank him for all his work.

Proposed activities for consideration include some renovation work on the foreshore playground fence, constructing new seats on the jetty from old timber being replaced and some work for the RCH. Under the auspices of the RCH, members will be assisting in building timber Christmas Trees for decoration and display around Rye township and that looks like fun for all.

One of the most successful activities by members has been the Rye Primary School Bike Program.  Under the very knowledgeable leadership of James Rennie, the program was initiated in 2019 and provided a wonderful program for groups of students over several terms in learning how to maintain and even rebuild bikes – some of their own and some donated. The program has been challenging over the last 2 years due to COVID. We had to cancel in 2020 and were only able to run 4 sessions this year. Thanks to the members who assisted James in this most valued program, and we cross fingers to resume again in 2022.

Graham Goudie and James Rennie

Sorrento Community Liaison Report

With COVID restrictions and lockdowns in place at schools and community houses, we were unable to support as many on-site activities.

Sorrento Primary School – [Contact Meg Dallas 5984 2130)

We supplied 2 “Sensory Tables” for the school, funded through the Mornington Peninsula Shire Flexi-Grant program.

We did restore 2 school desks for use at their 150th Year anniversary (16th Sept 2021), which alas was postponed due to another lockdown and school closure.

St. Josephs Primary School- [Contact Jane Byrne 0401 091 273]

We supplied 2 “Sensory Tables” for the school, funded through the Mornington Peninsula Shire Flexi-Grant program.

The art room was completely refurbished, stripping out old shelving and cupboards and completely repainting the room.

The front entry railings were repainted.

The floor of one of the cubby houses was replaced

Supported the introduction of the Indigenous Butterfly and Bee Garden

Major updates to the garden planting were completed.

Terry Phippen 

Community Events/Projects

Billy Kart Grand Prix

The planned event was cancelled due to the COVID restrictions placed on any community event during the pandemic.

Birdlife Australia:

We successfully provided 100 nesting boxes for distribution in the bushfire-impacted areas of Gippsland. Project funded through a federal Government grant.

External Defibrillator, Stringer Reserve:

We supported the installation of an external Automated Defibrillator at the Stringer Reserve site, funded through the Mornington Peninsula Shire Flexi-Grant program.

Bunnings Rosebud:

They again supported a number of our activities with significant donations. “Thank you” letters have been sent to the management.