PNMSA Committee of Management

A committee of Management is elected each year to oversee the operations of the Men’s Shed. The constitution states that a committee be elected each year with 4 official office bearers (a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer) and an agreed number of ordinary committee members.

Elected at the 2021 AGM:-

President – John Stevenson (0488 144 777);  Secretary – John Crough 0425-827-910
Vice-President: Graham Goudie (0419 021 900); Treasurer – Richard Fyffe (0431 091 108);
Ordinary Members (3): Warren Dickins; Lloyd Eldred, Malcom Barrow

There may be an operational activity that requires additional support.  The Committee and the following members form the “Advisory Group”:  James Rennie; Robin Smith; Michael Watts; Marcus Fox