“Thank You” PNMSA

Attaching a few of the letters of recognition of the Men’s Shed.

January 2023: Gisela Watt (Rye House Clearance): I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Rob and all at the Men’s Shed for all the work you put into clearing out my uncle’s house. A special THANKS to you for all the wonderful work you have done. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to all at the Men’s Shed for their help.

End of Year Update

Thank you to all members and social members who supported the Shed through the year, very much appreciated.
Thank you to those who braved the threatening weather on our Monday catch up. It was great to have that little reminder of what social contact means to everyone.

Keep safe and enjoy the festive season

Next Committee of Management Meeting:  will be the 1st Tuesday in February.
Next Member Catchup: The Shed will effectively close down through the summer holiday season, so the next meeting 1st Thursday in February.

Welfare, Health & Safety: Thank you, Graham and John, for keeping track of all the rules and regulations during the pandemic. here’s hoping we can return to something like normal when we return.

Stringer Reserve: Building permit has been issued by the building surveyor. Melbourne Garages engaged as the builder. Work to commence early in 2021. 
Kitchen Update:  The new cabinets and appliances are installed. We have a “working” kitchen with oven, dishwasher and double sink. James and Derek have delivered our mobile bench with a seriously good timber top. A few electrical connections to be finished and we will be ready for 2021.
Music Appreciation: The group interested in all things music, playing and listening. They even managed to use Zoom through the lockdown for practice sessions.
Car Club: We managed several trips in 2020 and now looking for regular meetings in 2021.
500 Card Club: Trickster 500 kept the card nights going through the lockdown. It looks like sessions will be happening back at the Hangar, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in 2021.  
Help a Mate: your opportunity to get some help on those “difficult” projects. This has proven to be a great help to a few members so take advantage of the restrictions being lifted and get those requests in.
Point Nepean Men’s Shed “Shedder of the Year” went to Terry Phippen this year for his on-going commitment to keeping your email Inbox full and flushing out those grant opportunities!!

Committee of Management November 2020

Committee: Graham Goudie (Chair), John Stevenson, Rob Koller, Richard Fyffe, Warren Dickins, Peter Moore
Guests: Terry Phippen, John Crough, James Rennie, Marcus Fox, Derek Ryan.
Apologies: John Peters
President Report:
Stringer Reserve: Lease has been delivered, signed and returned to the Shire. 
Paperwork submitted for the building permit and forwarded to the building surveyor. Hope to see a slab by Xmas. Hoping to meet up with the committee to have one final view of the plans.
Melbourne Garages engaged as the builder. Looking at between $38K and $40K as the price.

Kitchen Update: Old cupboards removed. Cabinets have been ordered and could be delivered in a week. Russell Darbyshire has reviewed the electrics and will put in the required wiring. Appliances have been ordered. Mobile bench to be started.

Vice-President Report:
Welfare: Graham and John have issued some guidelines for re-opening. Recommend that we fully review Post-COVID-19 rules and advice provided by the Government and AMSA/VSMA, when issued.
Look at possibly having the next Non-COVID meeting at the Golf Club.
John Crough to be our COVID coordinator who will relay all info received to members.
Card Group still meeting online but looking forward to face to face soon

Secretary Report:
PGC – invoice has been paid, some more work to come.
Car Club – next meeting at the Green Olive – 40 people going.

Treasurer Report:
Accounts as at 31st Oct presented. Look at a possible 2-yr budget. No open queries.
DGR Status for Men’s Sheds: Some changes to our Rules presented, accepted by all members. Richard/Terry to circulate the proposed changes to the general membership group for approval at a general meeting in December.

Warren Dickins:
Solar project – 
will review some options for the new facility
QRCode installed at the Hangar. Encourage everyone to use it when entering the Hangar. May look to use the State Govt option when available.
Currently, to be shared with the general membership:
SHED ACCESS: To control access to the shed, we have implemented a QR system at the front door.
You register your entry by opening up your phone camera and pointing it at the QR code.
A banner will appear at the top of the screen, click on this to enter our PNMS Entry page.
Enter your name, mobile phone number, then press Check-In. 
The App will remember your data so you will only need to enter your data once.
If you are with others without a smartphone, you can enter their details.

Music Group: still meeting online.
Projects History: requesting photos from any projects.

Peter Moore: Fundraising Ideas group has not met formally during the COVID lockdown. Some ideas have been raised but will be carried over to 2021.
Parks Victoria has had further staff changes and there is potential to engage in fundraising whilst supporting their projects. 

Marcus Fox: Stressing that all Projects must come through the committee. Proper assessment should be done before any work is agreed to be done.
A few activities could be seen as “Help-a-mate” items and should be recorded with John Peters.
OutReach projects must go through the committee and apply the procedures developed in the Off-Site Projects and Activities – 2020 document.

Terry Phippen:
Grants: Successful – 
State Government Shed Support: awarded $2,300, due in November.
Shire Community Event: awarded $500 for Billy Karts 2021, due in November.
Awaiting outcomes: Shade Cover Grant, IGA Community Chest, VicHealth Re-Imaging Health. 
Unsuccessful: Bendigo Bank Community Investment Grants, 
In Progress: 25. AMSA National Shed Development Program: Our submission is in progress,
26. Wildlife and Habitat Recovery:  building nesting boxes for the Bushfire recovery areas. Under review with David McCausland re a bulk order of kits for us to build, if he can supply.

MornPen Liaison: Shire/Rye Community House Outreach program has not been setup. 
No other correspondence.

Business Arising from the Previous Minutes: 
No items raised.
New Business: 
Trivia Option: Doug Mclaine has presented a proposal for Trivia sessions during COVID restrictions. To be shared with the general membership at the next meeting. A possible option for next year.

Rye Bike Program: suspended until 2021 duet o conditions imposed on school activities. James keen to continue once the school program can restart.

Next Meeting: 
Tuesday, December 1st 2020, 9:00 am 
Meeting ID: 896 0163 6131
Passcode: 895719

Keep Victoria Beautiful 2020 “Tidy Towns” Awards

This year the Shed supported an entry from the Rye township in their quest to be recognised in the 2020 awards. Rye did make the finalists but beaten by some amazing community projects submitted by Hastings.

The Shed did supply 3 projects as part of the Rye submission and all made it to the finals in the various categories – “Rye Billy Kart Derby 2019” and “Community House Indigenous Planting” in the Community category, and “Rye Respite Care” in the Social Well-Being category.

2020_KVBTT_WEB_community_FINALIST06_Rye 2020_KVBTT_WEB_community_FINALIST20_Rye 2020_KVBTT_wellbeing_FINALIST18_Rye

We also assisted with the “Rye Beach Clean Board” which was a finalist in the Litter category.


Committee of Management Oct 2020

Activities around the Shed
Stringer Reserve:
Lease has been delivered, signed and returned to the Shire. 
Soil test and Flood Plain checks completed.
Shed structure may be reclassified as a “7B” (warehouse/storage) rather than a “10A” (Shed/Private Garage) – may require disabled access commitments. Surveyor contacted and work in hand
Concrete slab options still under review.
Site preparation could go ahead, with Shire footing the bill.

Kitchen Update:
No physical progress with COVID-19 restriction in place.
Finance available to work on the complete update.
John S, Richard and Warren to review quotes for whitegoods.

FY2020 accounts have been circulated and signed off. No open queries.

Funds for the Shed Build and Kitchen Update: $8,000 in promissory notes and 16 members have pre-paid membership

Fundraising ideas group. Richard Fyffe, John Stevenson and Rob Koller to sit on the initial group, with possible input from Rob Tucker. Peter has already ordered 2 “promissory notes”!!

DGR Status for Men’s Sheds: A decision to go ahead with an application. Some changes will be required to our Rules. Richard to refine and circulate the proposed changes.

Recommend that we fully review Post-COVID-19 rules and advice provided by the Government and AMSA/VSMA.

Skills Matrix: Circulate to all members who have not completed a form. Many new members t be canvassed.

Review the Activities/Usage of the Hangar: Propose that we look at the current usage of the Hangar and a possible extension of activities on site. 
Graham to head a small group reviewing what could be done on site. Member ideas to be sought.
Try to encourage greater use across more on the membership.

New Members: Phillip Boland has completed a member application for himself and partner.
Glyn Fairburn has raised an enquiry through the website. Will be in touch when we reopen.

To be managed through the Committee. Official response to go back to the person/organisation raising the query:
  • Point Nepean Road Safety Petition – Lino Tarquinio 
(ROB) At this point, It was decided that we could not give unilateral support as the Men’s Shed group but would rather leave it to individual members to sign the petition. 
  • Bay Trail Centenary – Brian Stacey, Rotary
(ROB) In a general sense. we support Rotary in any community involvement on the Peninsula, however, in this case, we need the request to come from Sorrento Rotary for assistance from the Shed and to be specific with exact detail of what is proposed and how we will be involved. We will then put this to our Project Group for further consideration.
New Items: 
Solar for the Hangar: Warren has been looking at options. Details to be shared with the committee.

Tribute Band Night:  Potential fundraiser, Warren has been looking at options.

Promotion of the PNMSA: Update to the promotional video:  Warren to update the original video. General circulation including Sorrento CC, VMSA and AMSA.
Consider a quarterly release of Articles with supporting pictures.


October Update

Annual General Meeting 2020

Thank you for all the members who logged in. A successful and well-supported Meeting via a Zoom link. Attaching the minutes from the AGM: 

Men’s Shed Activity:

Stringer Reserve   Lease has been delivered and returned to the Shire officers. Projects Committee have reviewed and approved the current the proposal. Now we have to wait for restrictions to be lifted to formalise the finer details with the Shire officers and prospective commercial builders.

Stringer Reserve Master Plan: Richard Doery has been campaigning for some time to have a  Stringer Reserve Master Plan. He has shared this latest update from the Shire:-

There are a number of Shire Team’s that we are engaging to ensure the Draft Concept Plan provided at consultation for Key Stakeholder input/feedback is achievable. 
To give you a brief summary, the Concept Plan Stage of a Master Plan takes up to 12months to complete and we had commenced on July 1st with the Key Stakeholder meetings. This time frame is also impacted by Council Caretaker Period, which is from 22nd of Sept- 24th of October, 2020. 
The next stage of consultation with yourself and all other key user groups will be in November (after Council Caretaker Period). I will provide dates closer to the time.
JAYNE ROBINSON | Recreation Planning and Project Officer

Kitchen Update: Looking at raising funds to take on the complete refresh of the kitchen facilities. Now we have to wait for restrictions to be lifted to et back into the Hangar and formalise the finer details.

Footy Tipping Comp: Came down to the last day with Estelle Dunne holding her nerve on the last day.: The Final Round for 2020 

500 Card Club: Now using the Trickster 500 app for card nights. Now playing on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
Music Appreciation: a group interested in all things music, playing and listening. Various groups meeting via Zoom online.

Help a Mate: your opportunity to get some help on those “difficult” projects. Be ready for the restrictions to be lifted.

Projects Sub-Committee: For when we return, please raise those project ideas through the Projects Sub-Committee using our simple form:- Project_Option_Template


Our Community:

Meet the Councillors: Thank you to each of the candidates who made the time to speak to the members and friends. Good to hear their campaign strategy and responses to the questions raised.
Thanks to the people who logged in and raised the questions for the candidates. I’m hoping it helped in making a decision for voting next week.
A little bit more about the Nepean Ward Councillors: Nepean_Ward_Web_Candidate_Statement
Contact numbers for the Nepean Ward Candidates: As registered.pngMornington Peninsula as “Regional”: The attached was sent from the Shire offices to Daniel Andrews requesting separation from the Melbourne COVID-19 restrictions and be treated as other similar municipalities:- 20MAYORletter200918_letter_from_te_Mayor_to_the_Hon_Daniel_Andrews

Sorrento Community Centre: support during the pandemic:-  
Feeling Isolated and need to Talk: Time_to_Talk
A Psychologist is available by appointment: Booking essential

MornPen “Learn to thrive in the Digital World”: checked out the latest copy of the “Peninsula WIde” magazine and noted the Shire is partnering with the “Be Connected Network”. During COVID-19 restrictions, the Shire is offering video classes for those wanting to gain more confidence in using technology. For more information try  http://ourlibrary.mornpen.vic.gov.au/beconnected
Alternatively, call 0466 841 327

2020 AGM Agenda and Minutes

With current lockdown restrictions, the AGM will be conducted through Zoom.
Sept 17th, 2020, 09:30 AM 

NOTE: To enable a smooth and quick meeting, please read all reports, including the Financial statements, before the AGM and have any questions ready. 

Note: The Ballot has “Closed” with 38 members providing their votes.
Item #8 has the 3 nominated members from the ballot.


Welcome all Members and Guests.
Terry Phippen will chair the meeting
Acknowledge Apologies received
Acknowledge Proxies received
Matters arising from 2019 AGM
Clarification/Confirmation received from Gallagher’s re insurance cover for Shed activities.

Strategic Plan created for FY2021 – FY2025 – Strategic_Plan_2021_2025.pdf 

Presidents Report 
Presented by John Stevenson – PNMSA_2020_Presidents_Report.pdf
Adoption of Financial Statements 
Previously distributed by Derek Ryan and John Stevenson: 
Group Reports Welfare – Graham Goudie, John Crough – Welfare_Report_for_2020_AGM.pdf

Projects Committee – Marcus Fox  –Projects_Report_for_2020_AGM.pdf 

Sorrento Community Support – Brian Stacey – Sorrento_Community_Liaison_2020.pdf

Rye Community Support – Graham Goudie – Rye_Community_Liaison_Report_2020_AGM.pdf

Help a Mate – John Peters – Help_a_Mate_2020.pdf

Election of Committee of Management
(Office Bearers)
With a single nomination accepted for each position, the following nominations are tabled:- 

President (John Stevenson)

Vice-President (Graham Goudie)

Secretary (Rob Koller)

Treasurer (Richard Fyffe)

8 Election of Ordinary Members to the Committee of Management
(As per the constitution,
through secret ballot
conducted prior to the AGM)
Nominated Members: John Peters, John Crough, Derek Ryan, Marcus Fox, Warren Dickins, Peter Moore, James Rennie. 

A ballot was conducted with the financial members. Great support for all nominees.

Based on the number of votes from the ballot, the following nominations are tabled:- 
Warren Dickins, Peter Moore, John Peters.

Other Business 

Minutes of the MeetingPNMSA_Minutes_AGM_2020.pdf

A request was placed for a copy of the documents relating to fundraising options:-

Member Fundraising Clarification:

Minutes: Committee of Management 1st September

Attendees: John Stevenson;  Rob Koller; Terry Phippen;  Jeff Suggars; Marcus Fox; Brian Stacey; John Peters; Derek Ryan; Graham Goudie; Richard Fyffe  
Apologies: John Crough
Stringer Reserve: Lease has been delivered, signed and returned to the Shire. 

Discussion with the Shire and Shed suppliers is still happening but progress impacted by the current lockdown. A final presentation can only be progressed when on-site contacts with builders and the Shire can be held. Various quotes are on the table but would be refined with the suppliers.
Many of the aspects of the structure discussed – solar, wall heights, roof structure, door style (roller or sliding), environmental impact, colour, power source, etc.
A separate meeting to be called when more information available.
We are looking at around $45k for the build.

Lindsay Oates from the VMSA has shown some interest in working with the PNMSA as a “hub” for distribution of donated tools, possibly based at the new Shed.

Kitchen Update: No progress with COVID-19 restriction in place.
Fundraising options being reviewed.

FY2020 accounts have been circulated and signed off. To be shared with members before the AGM.

Looking for ideas to raise funds for the Shed Build and Kitchen Update: John Stevenson to generate a letter offering some funding ideas with the members. Letter has gone out ahead of the next member catchup (Thursday 3rd Sept).  

Peter Moore has raised the idea of a fundraising ideas group. Richard Fyffe, John Stevenson and Rob Koller to sit on the initial group, with possible input from Rob Tucker.
Peter has already ordered 2 “promissory notes”!!

Received today – DGR Status for Men’s Sheds: has been passed by both Upper and lower House. Attaching the comment from the AMSA. This will require the Shed to register as a charity I believe??

Welfare: Member ring around of members was very well received. All appreciated the call and offered their continued support of the Men’s Shed. Most looking forward to the next Zoom mtg Thursday 3rd September from 9:00 am

Projects: Current projects list was distributed by Marcus prior to the meeting. No new items added.
Library Chair updated, now needs to be delivered.

AGM/Leadership group positions: Current Nominations: 

  • President: John Stevenson nomination accepted
  • Secretary: Rob Koller nomination accepted
  • Treasurer: Richard Fyffe nomination accepted
  • Vice-President: Graham Goudie nomination accepted
  • Ordinary Members: 7 people have been nominated – Marcus Fox, Peter Moore, John Crough, Warren Dickins, Derek Ryan, James Rennie, John Peters.
The nominations closed Aug 31st, 5 pm. Secret Ballot is in progress and showing great support for all 7 candidates!!  Return close date set as Sunday 13th September, at 5 pm.
New Items: 
Council Election Candidates Q&A: With severe restrictions on producing how to vote cards, formal gatherings, etc, Possibly invite each of the candidates for a Q&A (over a Zoom session) to present their manifesto (for those I have contact details for). Post-nomination closure – Sept 22nd
Look at no more than 15 mins per candidate.
(TP) Ask members for questions for each candidate to view prior to the meeting.
(TP/GG) Maybe access the Ratepayers Association questions they are preparing.

Grant Submissions:
Shade Cover Grant: 
Invited to apply by Chris Brayne. Have made a submission for gazebo and sun protection equipment. Reviewed on a first in, best-dressed approach. 
Bendigo Bank Community Investment Grants: Contacted the Bank re possible support for the Stringer Reserve project. They suggested submitting an application for funding – DONE.

State Government Shed Funding: 
Monitoring possible opening of the program, late 2020. Gathering supporting documentation should the program restart. We are on the notification list at the DHHS and with Chris Brayne.
AMSA National Shed Development Program: Monitoring possible opening of the program. Added to the mailing list at the AMSA.

No Opportunity:
RACV Foundation: 
approached them again for a similar support grant – for the car hoist. No funding- all directed to bushfire recovery and COVID-19 support. 
Bank of Melbourne Foundation: Susan Reynoldson suggested contacting these guys. No luck here – only supporting charities with on-going DGR status (situation changed for us with the latest AMSA notice that DGR status granted for Men’s Sheds). 
Volunteer Victoria 2020: This program had just opened but PNMSA specifically excluded as we received a grant in the 2019 round of offers. 
Lindsay Oates (VMSA): Lindsay supplied a few links for us to follow through. Most focussed on COVID-19, regional or bushfire recovery support. No “active” grant opportunity. 

Next Meeting: 
Tuesday, October 6th 2020, 9:00 am 

2020 AGM

To all Financial Members, you are invited to the 2020 Annual General Meeting of the Point Nepean Men’s Shed.

As per Article 34 of our Constitution, we are providing a Proxy form 
A member may appoint another member as his or her proxy to vote or speak on his or her behalf at a general meeting
If you are nominating a proxy, please complete the attached form, sign and return to this email address prior to the AGM.

Financial Statements for the year ended 30th June 2020, and signed by the Treasurer (Derek Ryan) and President (John Stevenson). 

Attaching the Minutes from the 2019 AGM:

Ordinary member Election to the Committee
A great response so far, much appreciated. Great support for all candidates.
It’s going to be a close call so please send us your votes by the 13th September.