The Hangar, 4 Hotham Road Sorrento

Our Home Base is at 4 Hotham Road Sorrento, the former Southern Peninsula Rescue Squad helipad. We are opposite the Hotel Sorrento and right next door to the Sorrento Police station. The building has gone through a few upgrades since we took over the lease in 2018.

February 2022: Heating and Cooling Installed

We were fortunate to be awarded a Victorian State Government grant to cover the estimated cost of installing heating and cooling at the Hangar. Our President, John Stevenson, did some wheeling and dealing and a superb unit is now installed and operational. The Tuesday Card Group members have been very happy to make full use of the options.

October 2021: A New Roof

We have been plagued with leaking skylights in the side rooms. Some initial repairs from our members were just a temporary step. We have finally had the Shire review and replace the aging roof across the building. It’s going to be great to have items stored in these rooms without fear of more water damage.

January 2021: A Kitchen Upgrade Completed

January 2021: Oven, dishwasher, sinks, and light fittings installed. The kitchen update is complete.

December 2020: The kitchen cabinets are installed!!

July 2020: The reviews are complete and a design has been approved by the Committee. Time to organise the build. 

February 2020:  A review is underway of what the members would like in the way of an update of the kitchen facilities. There is currently a very basic setup which is very limiting. A review group is looking at options.

January 2020: A Serious Upgrade to Facilities and the Building

We approached the Shire re updating the toilet facilities at the Hangar and were awarded funding in the Shire budget. We now have a Unisex toilet, incorporating disability support. The existing toilet suite was also updated.

At the same time, a number of maintenance issues were addressed restoring the external appearance and removing potentially dangerous building damage.

February 2018: The Search for a “Home”

A number of sites in and around Sorrento were looked at. These included the disused Southern Peninsula Rescue Squad helipad, the vacant Visitor Centre at the entrance to the Point Nepean Park, a vacant block of land at the end of French Street in Rye, Senior Citizens Centre, William Road Blairgowrie and land in MacFarlan Reserve, Sorrento.

The Hangar in Sorrento Park looked to be the most suitable of the sites reviewed. Lengthy discussions followed with the Mornington Peninsula Shire over access to the disused former helipad site. Eventually an agreement was reached that a temporary lease could be issued, deeming the building as a “place of gathering”.

PNMSA took possession in November 2018. The building has been cleaned up and the interior restored as a great place for the men to gather for meetings, presentations, small events and small construction exercises.

A formal lease was issued for 12 months. An agreement has been reached to extend this lease through to the end of 2021. We continue to negotiate a standard 10-year lease option.

Stringer Road Reserve Facility, Blairgowrie

Fully Operational at Stringer Reserve

The build has been completed and we are ready for those small assembly projects. The car hoist has been installed and is often in use by the members. With plenty of shelving available we can keep things a little more organised!! A refresh outside has been done and a new garden bed installed.

Stringer Reserve is now the “home” for the Mobile Workshop.

July 2023: Connecting to a power supply 

With formal approval from the Mornington Peninsula Shire, we are now able to add full power circuitry and power points throughout the building.

This project is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care under the National Shed Development Programme.

2022 and 2023The Shed in Action 



February and March 2021The Build 

Construction completed and we are in the process of fitting out the building. Wall lining and shelving starting to appear. The BCG water tank is installed. Starting to look like a good venue.


January 2021:

Work has commenced on construction – fence erected and the site preparation completed. 

To Hillview Quarries and VINSBINS – Thank you for being involved in the development of the Stringer Road Reserve facility, through supplying building materials and waste management support.

December 2020: Progress to Date

A huge achievement to get this far. Thank you John Stevenson (President) and Rob Koller (Secretary) for getting us to this stage.

Our End of Year Update: Building permit has been issued by the building surveyor. Melbourne Garages engaged as the builder. Work to commence early in the new year.

19th November 2020: Building Permit has been issued so it’s now down to organising the build! This won’t happen until the new year because of contractor availability. 

10th November 2020: Lease has been delivered, signed and returned to the Shire. 
Paperwork submitted for the building permit and forwarded to the building surveyor. Hope to see a slab by Xmas. Hoping to meet up with the committee to have one final view of the plans.
Melbourne Garages engaged as the builder. Looking at between $38K and $40K as the price. 

October 2020: Lease Approved to Develop an Area at the Stringer Road Reserve, Blairgowrie

After several months and numerous discussions with the Shire, a lease has been approved at Council.

The Men’s Shed is now set to produce formal plans and progress with creating a “Storage Facility”, adjacent to the Blairgowrie Community Garden in the Stringer Road Reserve. This is the next step is creating a Community Hub at the Reserve.

We have a copy of the proposal submitted to the Council Meeting and the official public notice that was issued in the local paper 22nd May 2020.


January 2020: A Search for a Storage/Assembly Facility:

Work to continue to identify options for a suitable longer term “workshop” site and confirm a potential lease on the selected “workshop” site.

  • For a selected “workshop” option, obtain a Planning Permit, finalising design and obtaining a Building Permit. There appears to be general support from the Shire for pursuing this option.
  • Confirm sufficient funding will be available for the build and this has been guaranteed
  • If feasible, commence the Workshop Build
  • Generate and implement policies and practices to ensure that the Shed is safe, including training for members, and machinery maintenance schedules

About Us

Mission Statement

Through creating the Point Nepean Men’s Shed, we will provide a safe, friendly and welcoming facility where people are able to participate in meaningful projects and activities, at their own pace, in a relaxed environment and in the company of other like-minded people.

PNMSA is seen as adding to existing social contact opportunities, especially for newly retired men and women, and for those new to the Mornington Peninsula.

PNMSA is seen as an opportunity to share skills and knowledge, whilst developing new friendships.


Provide opportunities to share skills and knowledge, refresh some old skills, whilst developing new friendships.

Engage with other local community groups and our school communities.

Become very much part of the Portsea, Sorrento, Blairgowrie and Rye community and the Mornington Peninsula Men’s Shed network. 

It’s what we do 

The Shed is looking after the health and well-being of its members through social connection, community involvement and volunteer opportunities.

  • Social Connection: Always a Welcome at the Shed

We provide a safe, friendly and welcoming facility. Members participate in meaningful projects and activities at their own pace. It’s a relaxed environment where you are in the company of other like-minded individuals.

  • Community Involvement: Become involved in local Community Projects

We support other local community groups with their projects. We can use our skills to help them and pick up new tips from their team. We all win by sharing the fun and enjoyment from the projects.

  • Volunteer Opportunities: Share your knowledge with some mates

No doubting the value of volunteers who are giving up their time to share their experiences with others. Volunteers make a positive impact. Contact us to learn more about our commitment and how you might help.


The Shed is offering full membership to any man wishing to join the Men’s Shed. A formal application form must be provided for the Committee to review. 

We are also offering social membership to female partners and female friends. We see this as adding to the social connection all our members are enjoying.



  • The Point Nepean Men’s Shed highly recommends these websites and their content.
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The Point Nepean Men’s Shed would like to thank all the following organisations and community groups, for their ongoing commitment and support for the development of the Men’s Shed.


Studio 1 / 4 Merino Street Capel Sound 3940. Tel: +61 414 663 357

“Thank You” for your input in design and creation of templates for our bird boxes, microbat boxes and all those great Xmas decorations.All amazing.


Next time you bite the head off a Freddo frog, cross the Bolte bridge, watch the tennis in Melbourne, stretch a Natural Confectionery Co snake, or see an ad with an ice cream that won’t melt but looks good enough to eat, Studio 57F1 was there helping set the foundations“.

Bunnings at Rosebud have been a great supporter for all our projects – Sorrento Primary Craft program, RSL memorial crosses, Buddy Benches, “Letters to Father Christmas”, Billy Karts, beach clean boards, planter boxes, hooded plover shelters and of course the odd BBQ.

Massive thanks for all the support we have received.

A great supporter of Men’s Sheds.

Our local Bank has been supporting us with the creation of our Mobile Workshop and an upgrade to our kitchen facilities.

Very much appreciated by all our members.

The Shire has been a major contributor to the success of the Shed.

A 10-year  lease has been granted over the Hangar, Sorrento Funding has seen upgrades to the bathrooms, kitchen, roof, and external facade.

A 10-year lease over the storage facility in Stringer Reserve has been issued, plus approving the connection of the site to the existing power grid.

The Shire has provided invaluable financial support for our projects at the local primary schools and the Pre-schools, through various grants. The latest ventures have been providing Buddy Benches, materials for the Sorrento Primary Intergenerational Craft program and the ongoing Rye Primary Bike program.

State and Federal Government Funding

Several Volunteer Support grants, Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care National Shed Development Programme grants and Stronger Community grants have helped us provide tools and equipment, first aid training and updates to the facilities at Stringer Reserve.

All these grants have made a huge contribution to enhance the Shed we now enjoy.


In 2019, we were awarded a grant to support Birdlife Australia in the recovery from the devastating bushfires. 

In 2023, we received a Federal Government grant to connect the storage shed to the power grid and make all the required changes to the circuitry inside the building. 

for engaging with the team on a number of projects and giving us the opportunity to become a part of your community. 

Love seeing the revamped amphitheatre, various planting tables and planter boxes,  Buddy Benches in the school grounds and involvement in the Intergenerational Craft program.

for engaging with the team on a number of projects and giving us the opportunity to become a part of your community. Love seeing the Bird Boxes, Buddy Benches, Wicking Boxes and Insect Hotels in your sustainability garden, and involved as part of the Keep Victoria Beautiful “Tidy Towns” project. 

the members at the Shed have enjoyed several construction projects to date and looking forward to more as the garden develops.

With over 19 years of experience, VinsBins has a clear focus on making every bin count – for the local jobs, it creates, for our industry-leading recycling recovery rates and for the customer loyalty we generate.

Thank you for supporting the development of the Stringer Road Reserve facility.

The RACV Foundation helped us make the Mobile Workshop a reality.

Your contribution enabled us to have the vehicle on the road and frequently visible on and off-site in our community.

Hillview is renowned for exemplary environmental management and has been praised and awarded for its quarry rehabilitation and Environmental focus. 

Thank you for supporting the development of the Stringer Road Reserve facility







Point Nepean Men’s Shed 

Where you are able to participate in meaningful projects and activities, at your own pace, in a relaxed environment and in the company of other like-minded people. Our aim is to advance the health and well-being of our members through social connection.

Join us at our “home” – the former Southern Peninsula Rescue base, “The Hangar”, 4 Hotham Road, Sorrento 3943, next to the Sorrento Police Station, opposite Hotel Sorrento. 

We have a 2nd building – our storage and small assembly site & workshop
at the Stringer Reserve, Stringer Road Blairgowrie

To contact the Shed – email the secretary at ““,
or mail to PO Box 88, Sorrento 3943    

For details of our activities please go to our newsletters at PNMSA NEWS

Events Where When Leader
Member Catchups Sorrento Hangar Thursday from 9:00 am  
Project Team / Working Bees Stringer Reserve Shed Tuesdays from 1:00 pm Rob Koller
Card Playing Group Sorrento Hangar Tuesdays from 7:30 Malcolm Barrow
Music Group Sorrento Hangar Wednesday 2:30 Warren Dickins
Member and Social Member connection Sorrento Hangar Fridays, from 5:00 pm  
Other Member Groups and Activities Coordinating member will set the location Coordinating member will set preferred days and times
Woodworking Group Stringer Reserve Shed Wednesday 10am Richard Fyffe

Please note: The Committee of Management and the Welfare Officers will ensure the Shed is “COVID-Safe”.  We take member and community safety very seriously and will provide a “COVID-Safe” environment for our members and guests. 

State Government Coronavirus Advice: