August 2023 Update

August 2023 NEWSLETTER


Good afternoon folks. I hope you are enjoying the gradual warming days which beckon as we look forward to Spring in a few weeks. As September approaches, the footy fanatics among us grow increasingly anxious as we cross our fingers (and everything else) to urge our favourite team to make that extra effort and make the finals. As many of you know, we have a PNMSA Footy Tipping competition and it is still a close run event – although our leading Tipster ‘The Cat is Back’ has an almost unassailable lead over the field.

Your Lunches and Functions Group still has a few more events lined up in the coming weeks and months, so read on for a ‘heads up’ on some diary entries for you. Below is a brief report from the great night recently held at the PSLSC.

I recently had a query from a member asking who writes this Newsletter – so, just to clarify, Terry stepped aside earlier this year and since that time, for good or bad, I have put together the ‘publication’. It is possible because I get great support from members submitting articles and photos of the varied activities we have operating. The more input from you, the better the information sharing and connectedness with the group.

Graham (GG)

Committee News

Your Committee (CoM) usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month and discusses input from anything members raise, Treasurers Report, feedback from Sub Committees such as the Welfare and Safety group, the Lunches and Functions group, the Projects group and also from operating activity groups such as Cards, Cars, Music and so forth. If you have any issues you believe should be considered by the CoM, please discuss them at our regular Thursday morning get together or with any of your Committee members.

Secretary, John Crough, has provided the following Report for your information.

  1. The 2023 PNMSA Annual General Meeting will be held on 16 November and all Committee of Management positions will be declared vacant at that time. Our current Treasurer Richard Fyffe has indicated that he will not be continuing into 2024. Members are encouraged to consider nominating for a position on the committee or to volunteer to join one of the PNMSA sub-committees e.g. Welfare and Safety, Projects. Members will be advised on the process (together with information on which current members are considering re-standing or stepping down) in due course.
  2. Defibrillator refresher; Henry Kiss from the Portsea Surf Lifesaving Club (who spoke at the Hangar back in April) will deliver this program on Thursday 21 September.
  3. Grants; applications submitted by Terry Phippen for a Federal Stronger Communities Program grant ($2800) and a National Shed Development Program grant ($3500) have been successful. Very well done as usual Terry.
  4. Members are reminded that 2023 – 24 subscriptions are now due. Please advise secretary John Crough by email on if you have not received an invoice for your subscription by now, and if you have had any change to your contact details recently.
  5. Working with Children Check. Members are reminded of the requirement that you hold a current Working with Children Check; you are requested to obtain the check if you do not hold one currently, or renew it if your current one has expired. Please advise secretary John Crough of the details of your certificate if you obtain or renew the check.
  6. A new storage Compactus system has recently been purchased and installed at The Shed @ Stringer. This has enabled the lads to organise the gear more effectively and has been well received.

Lunches and Functions (L & F)

Almost 60 of you enjoyed what was apparently a fantastic mid year Cocktail party at Portsea Surf Life Saving Club on 28 July – and the sunset was beautiful! Thanks to the folks who organised this great night – it is a lot of work but when it works well, it’s worth it!

We also wish to sincerely thank the generous local businesses who donated to our prize pool. Portsea GC also donated and that voucher will be incorporated into the Golf Day as outlined below. We know you will support the following businesses:-

  1. Italico Restaurant Sorrento $150
  2. Sardo Restaurant Sorrento $150
  3. Searoad Ferries $110
  4. Portsea Sorrento RSL $50
  5. Antipodes Book Shop Sorrento $50.
  6. A special thanks to member Wayne who kindly donated the coffee machine.

Thank you for the photos Warren – and I heard the duo were sensational.

Speaking of duos, we are delighted to advise that one of our members, Troy (who spoke at one of our Lunches about his motor sport experiences) and his wife, Anne will be performing at The Hangar during Friday drinks on 13 October – we look forward to this with pleasure.

Golfers – this is for your attention.

You will recall I have previously advised that your ‘L and F’ team was interested in running a Golf day and many of you indicated your were interested – and we know we have quite a cohort of men and women golfers who are members and/or partners of members.

Preliminary work has been undertaken and it looks like we will be running an Ambrose golf morning comp at Portsea GC on Monday 4 December – a package is being prepared for consideration by our CoM which will include the game/lunch, prizes and fun. More to be come – and yet to be confirmed – but I suggest you pencil in this date as it will be a ripper.

Thursday Forum – an idea from Warren


I think most of us are trying to get a grasp on all the movements, policies and practicalities of the energy markets and current and future capabilities. Hopefully, the session will be informative, and we look forward to an open discussion comprising all aspects of the energy debate.  
We are having forum/discussion at our weekly meeting on Thursday 17 August, 9:30 to 11am. Please bring along your views and opinions and your thirst to learn more.
Martin Drerup and I will facilitate the discussion.  We will start with a very brief overview of the energy alternatives then open discussions to the members.  If you wish to contribute information to share, or you have any suggestions, please contact Warren Dickins 0419-514-351 (

We can use this format for other topics/discussions.  If you have any suggestions, please call Warren.

Also from Warren:– he and Mark have been given approval by the CoM to proceed to upgrade our Audio/Visual system in The Hangar. This will incorporate a better aerial for improved TV reception (on our new big screen TV), WiFi, a Projector for large screen viewing, such as movies, on a back door screen and improved sound system. Good work gents!
Finally a BBQ Breakfast

I reckon that’s all folks.