2023 Rye Bike Program

Several years ago James (Jim) Rennie had the idea to start a Bike Program at Rye PS and he has led a small team over the years to deliver an outstanding program. All who have been fortunate to spend time with Jim in delivering this program recognise how valuable it is to the participating students and the school leadership has been delighted with the outcomes.

This has been a largely unheralded program – Jim is a modest bloke – but it will continue later this year and again in 2024.

Helena provided this write-up at the end of another wonderful activity, with amazing outcomes.

The Bicycle Maintenance Program, run by Jim Rennie, with the help of Mark Ferguson & Alan Seward, at Rye Primary School, ended on a high note last Tuesday. The participating students rode their well-maintained and repaired bikes with gleeful enthusiasm in the school playground. All agreed that they had thoroughly enjoyed working with the three instructors, saying that they had actually learned a great deal of practical value. One of the students, who did not possess a bike, was gifted one of the four bikes built during the program and the other three bikes will be donated to a charity organisation. 
There was very pleasing feedback from both the School Principal and the Assistant Principal. They especially praised the way in which the program positively engaged those students disengaged in usual, routine classroom programs. They were voluble in their praise of Jim, Mark & Alan & their commitment, stating that their contribution is highly valued and that the school is very keen for the program to continue next year.

They also spoke of a student who was in the first group to participate. A very troubled & disengaged young boy at the time, he recently visited the school and spoke enthusiastically about the way the program had changed his life for the better. Now in high school, he works part-time in a bike shop, is passionate about bike riding and expressed his gratitude for the program which helped him to turn his life around so positively!