2022 Rye Pier Benches

A community project to build some benches from timber taken from the old pier. We have agreed to make 2 benches from the timber supplied. A project request has been raised – 20220201 Parks Vic Bench Request

Parks have confirmed we will receive 40 sleepers from the old pier. 20 will be from a reserve of better panels, 20 from the unsorted stock. Parks will deliver the timber to the Stringer Reserve Site.  The delivery truck will have a crane to help with offloading the timber. It is proposed that we store the timber inside the Blairgowrie Community Garden fences.

Tuesday, June 21st – Timber Received

The Plan

The “Tuesday Crew” to sort through the timber and select the most suitable for use in creating 2 benches required. Timber to be washed and stored inside the Shed.

Remaining timber to be set aside, outside the Shed (Use to be determined, possible additional benches for the community garden and surrounds).

Parks have supplied some pics of what they would like to see created from the timber. A template will be drawn up for the required design.

Timber to be cut to the template and assembled at Stringer Reserve.

Suitable hardware (bolts, etc.) will be purchased from the budgeted $500.

When complete, Parks to be contacted.

The aim is for the truck to be brought back to collect the benches.

The Shed members to assist at the updated pier on the installation.