2022 Support to Other Communities

Music Grant – donating back to a group in need: 

John Pollock discovered that Yamaha was awarding grants for musical equipment and Terry & Warren assisted him in submitting our application. We were successful in being awarded a $1,000 grant for music equipment. 
Warren had a most enjoyable chat with Adrian Alexander (chairperson)  of ‘Music for All’ who had awarded the grant. 
He said the board was most interested in our model of developing music within Men’s Sheds. 
Adrian outlined how they allocate grants.
He mentioned a Lismore school had lost everything as the floods reached the ceiling of the music room.
Terry, John & Warren agreed to re-donate our $1,000 to the Lismore school. 
This has been put forward to the ‘Music for All’ board and was accepted.

Poli-Pix Prize – donated to families in crisis: 

During the lead-up to the Federal Election, we entertained a few of the candidates for Flinders.
We submitted a few pics and added some humourous comments, which earned us a $500 prize!!
The committee was approached re donating the money to a local charity supporting families in need. 

Approved and a huge “Thank You” from “U4U”. The prize is now providing school uniforms and shoes for local families.