2022 Bike Recovery Program

Supported through a Mornington Peninsula Shire Covid Recovery Grant.

We ran a very successful bike recovery program with the Rye Primary school in 2019.  Children from grade 6 were encouraged to join in the repair of bikes and see them back to full use. Both the children and our members enjoyed the shared experience.

Alas, the Covid pandemic and its restrictions brought an end to plans for 2020 and 2021.

The Shire has joined us in trying to restart the program in 2022 through allocating a Covid Recovery Grant.

We have purchased appropriate tools and cycle materials for restarting the program and currently talking to Rye Primary about connecting with the children. The plan is to restore the bikes and donate them to the community.

Rye Community House was also considering establishing a community loan program in Rye.

As well as involvement at the school, the equipment has been purchased to have repair stands and all required tools readily available at Stringer Reserve. The plan is to receive donated bikes and again restore them to give back to the community.

A number of members will review each bike offered and assess if they can be restored, ensuring only quality bikes will be offered back. Some bikes have already been restored and returned or sold.